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A newbie feeling motivated


Hi everyone I want to lose 2 1/2 stone. I have gained a lot of weight over a long and very stressful period. I have an ingrained comfort eating habit that began when I was about 8 years old, which was a very long time ago! 😊 I have tried so many diets in the past and have regained the lost weight and more. So here I am with HU and feeling motivated by the approach and support given. Dreading getting on the scales tomorrow though!

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You can do it x


Welcome PearlLady,

Don't dread those scales, it's just a number :) You are here now and feeling motivated :)

Here are two articles that I think you might find interesting and useful,



Please don't be offended by the title of the second one, it applies to most of us :)

Here is our newbie pack to help you navigate the forum,


and some information on Internet Safety, please read this as you have left your post unlocked.

Take a look at our daily chat thread to see all that we have to offer to help to keep you motivated. The more you join in the more support you will receive, healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

I know I have given you an awful lot to read, don't be put off, just take your time to go through it and come back and ask any questions you have :)

We look forward to seeing you around the forum :)


I hope you'll join the Wednesday Wobble Warriors when you've weighed yourself in the morning. They're a very friendly bunch and will make you welcome :)

Thank you so much.... sounds good. 😊

crochet192 stone

Hey there

Welcome! I have had similar experience as you and it’s really hard to get into the right mindset to lose weight! Glad you have found that motivation to go for it!! I started in January after an incredibly stressful year and over 3 stone to lose! I haven’t put any pressure on myself at all and no time goal apart from 31/12!! I have lost 22lb so far and am still motivated!Everyone on here is so supportive which has helped me loads! Best of luck, we’re all here cheering you on! Xxx

jubbly19551 stone

Welcome pearllady. You are not alone in trying every diet going. I think most of us have had a similar past. That’s why the support on here is so great. People are talking from experience and not preaching from a company crib sheet. Tomorrow will be daunting to stand on those scales and see the numbers. However you have to know the number to face up to it and defeat it. With any luck and a bit of effort you will never see that number again. Good luck 😊


Hello and welcome! I gained the same sort of amount as you when I went back to studying in my thirties and barely moved for three years! I didn't even have stress as an excuse, I loved the work - but I sat on my bottom munching biscuits throughout! I did successfully lose the weight but then yo-yo-d up and down within the last annoying stone for 20 years and really didn't have a healthy relationship with food...how I wish I'd found this forum way back, I now feel I'm where I want to be and can actually imagine maintaining forever! I'm sure this friendly place will really help you too. Hopefully see you in the Daily Diary where you can record your eating and exercise plans and get tips and encouragement for others.

Sounds great thank. Where do I find the daily dairy please?

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Every day you can just scroll down this site and find it, or you can find a mention of it in What’s Happening Today and click on it there. Each Daily Diary gets posted the night before so you can put your plan in then or on the morning itself. See you there!

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Have a look at the link I gave you on your other post Pearl Lady for the pictorial guide to using the forum 😊. If you still can’t find it please just ask, this is a very busy forum and can seem a little complicated at first

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