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Never give up trying

AussiebluesRestart October 2019

Well at long last I think I’m in right frame of mind to not just lose weight but to keep it off for good. I’ve spent 5-6 years going up & down 2 stone. Always been overweight and hardly a diet I’ve not tried. Partly the wake up call was aching knee after flight home from holiday, a reminder that at 55 asking my frame of 5”4 to carry at top weight 6 stone excess & still wanting to Zumba etc was too big an expectation hence the extreme tiredness. So rejoined SlimmingWorld for 3rd time in 3 years and since September lost 2 stone inspite of cream teas, eating out, work sressing me out. Various family problems with mum in hospital, cat being put to sleep, son heading towards depression, marriage rocky patch, while working 6 days a week for last 6-7 weeks & a Sunday and trying to sort out Christmas with this being 3rd Christmas Day I won’t see my dad on his birthday as he passed away January 2015, followed by hubbys dad dying December 2015 just 11 months later 😔 I finally realised inspite of all that happens food doesn’t make it go away, I’m responsible for what I eat and drink. Getting healthier is my priority and celebrating Christmas for those not here is my aim, with hugs not chocolate with seeing people not over eating or drinking just because it’s christmas. Looking forward to 2019, realistic goal to shift another 2 stone to go from obese to overweight. Merry Christmas everyone.

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Hello, Aussieblues :)

We haven't seen you since you restarted a month ago. There's loads of support and ideas here to tap into so I hope you'll become a regular visitor, daily if possible. No need to post, just join in the chat and you'll soon feel part of this community. It's a difficult time of year for many of us and it sounds as though you have had more than your fair share of sadness in recent times.

Why not jump in right now and join our very supportive Sunday weigh-in? I don't know what your Aussie connections are but we have a couple of our vary own Aussies there, and everyone will make you welcome. Just read the opening post and it will explain all. Here's the link

Hi Aussieblues Commitment to diet/lifestyle change and resistance to temptation doesn't just happen! It has to be worked at.

The only way I have succeeded this time is to change how I approach food and eating it. I have learned to resist temptation..... BUT please believe that this has taken a LOT of hard work and practice.

It's about "normalising" or "modifying" behaviour around food... and I think that with enough "practice" it becomes more and more easy until you get to the point where a behaviour is modified to the point of it becoming the only way.

I am sure that even some people who are not over weight do sometimes over indulge - but the fact is they don't do it very often.

Those of us who are over weight have been used to "treating" ourselves, eating portions that are too large, eating the things that we know are calorific because we can.

It's been a combination of changing all of those aspects of how I behave around food that has meant I have been successful this time.

I I have developed a respect for the food I eat. Not everyone has the ability to eat as well as we in the western world eat. We should not abuse the privilege!

I rarely eat "on the hoof" any more, I rarely eat between meals. I take time to sit at a table and present my meals nicely. I take a moment or two to really look at my plate of food before I pick up my knife and fork.

Almost daily I say to hubbie "Aren't we lucky to be able to enjoy such lovely food". I really mean that too, I am not saying it for anyones benefit but his and mine. We should never take for granted having easy access to delicious food stuffs and our ability and love of cooking.

If you log your food - keep track of how many calories some of those "treats" contain, after a while they kind of stay in your head (medium egg = 70 cals, slice of white bread 100 cals, meringue nest 57 cals, 30g (matchbox size) of cheddar, 122 cals)

I do have sweet treats, but I buy my own choice, so things like 2 finger Kitkat, single finger Twix, Club biscuit... these are all around 100 calories. I keep them in a tin and I can have one whenever I want to, but I limit it to no more than one a day and usually with my afternoon cup of tea. That's not to say I eat one on a daily basis (usually about 2-3 times a week). They are always logged into my diary.

If you don't keep a log of what you are eating and the calories foods contain, then it's a bit like trying to travel from one place to another without a map! You might get there eventually BUT it's likely to take you much longer than if you planned the route and used a map PLUS you might take a few wrong turnings and end up going back on yourself!

I have also learned not to plan each trip out of the house to include food. Once upon a time, I'd have included lunch with a trip into town, coffee and cake with a visit to the garden centre.

I now plan or even prepare a meal BEFORE I go out (usually a salad) so that I know exactly what I can eat as soon as I walk into the door... and don't turn to "what I fancy" (usually high calorie carbs that don't keep you full for very long...)

Make a list of the reasons WHY you want to lose weight. Keep it somewhere safe (stuck to the inside of a kitchen cupboard door?) and look at it from time to time, especially when you are raiding the kitchen for treats.

I always ask myself before eating something really calorific "Do I really want to eat this thing more than I want to lose weight this week?". It's called "mindful eating" - being aware of why you are considering eating - real hunger? Boredom? Temptation? Feeling fed up?

Have a glass of water, wait 5 minutes and consider whether you still want the food. Once it's been snaffled down, it's too late and you may end up feeling cross and angry with yourself....

....and that feeling (guilt, failure) lasts for a long time, much longer than the temporary enjoyment of whatever treat you ate....

Oh, and I always remind myself how good the feeling is of seeing a loss on the scales at my weekly weigh in! That wonderful feeling lasts for days! Don't forget how that feels - you need to remind yourself of that feeling next time temptation strikes.

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Hi, Pineapple27

I think Aussieblues's topic title should read "Never give up succeeding"!

If you don't keep a log of what you are eating and the calories foods contain, then it's a bit like trying to travel from one place to another without a map!

I find that I can usually get to where I want to go... if I have been there before!

I have also learned not to plan each trip out of the house to include food. Once upon a time, I'd have included lunch with a trip into town, coffee and cake with a visit to the garden centre.

I seldom eat at home... so most times when I leave the house, I eat out... but I plan the trips round places where I know I can get a good OAP/diet/small meal.


Hi, Aussieblues having read both Pineapple and Sl1m's posts I think the message is find what works for you and as BridgeGirl said by popping in here regularly and reading a variety of posts you will be picking up useful tips which has certainly made my journey easier. I'm sure with some forward planning you will soon be shedding those pounds. Why not join one of the 'weigh ins' and get support and encouragement we'd love to welcome you to the Monday Mass Movers, but any of the others would be equally welcoming. Good luck

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