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Fed up !!

A few years ago I was 12 stone I managed to lose 2 stone with diet & exercise, then I put just over half a stone back on now for about the last 18 months I have tried to get it off but I fail everytime & when the weight does'nt come off I give in. My problem which I keep getting told is I don't eat enough calories daily. I gave up alcohol it has not made any difference, I watch what I eat exercise at gym 3 times a week have abs crunch that I do at home. In 3 weeks I have lost half inch off bust 1 inch of waist, got on scales yesterday & I have put 2lbs on so even though I don't have a sweet tooth I had a magnum, apple & sultana muffin yesterday I am really cheesed off with myself, I am going to try to eat 1400 cals a day this week and see how it goes for my age (68) NHS guidlines say 1400-1600.

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Morning kbed

Have you used the BMI checker to work out your calories allowance so you will know your having the right amount. We always recommend you eat the higher end of the range to start with and then you can adjust as you lose weight.


Hi YellowRose55

I have checked my BMI with NHS & it is 27.5. I have downloaded NHS 12 week plan & I will see how that goes but, i go on holiday in June so will have to work round that, I have a fit bit which records my steps & calorie intake & calories I burn up I normally burn more calories than i eat but don't lose weight (I wish I could afford a personal trainer ha ha) I have checked the calorific value on fit bit compared to NHS calorie site just in case I was putting wrong calories in but I'm more or less correct, I also check every packet of food labeling.

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Hi kbed

Sounds like your ready to start with all the planning your doing. A BMI of 27.5 is not that far off normal weight so you don't have too far to go. I usually check all the packet too and keep a record each day so I don't go over my allowance.

Good luck with your first week. :)


I would suggest that you change your mindset from 'dieting' to healthy eating. I think when we talk about dieting, in our minds there is a beginning and end and when we get to the end, that is where we start to trip up and it all goes wrong. Think Healthy Eating for life and I hope that we will venture into a journey that will just keep going, yes there will be ups and down, curves and bumps but we will get back on track, because it has become a habit.

Wishing you good luck :)


Thanks lucigret, yes you are right I have tried to eat healthy for a few years now and on the whole I do & like you I want to stop thinking of being on a diet, I would like to get to a stage where I can stop logging food intake to see calories I am eating. I have been looking through NHS 12 week plan & I am struggling with working out 280 calories for breakfast, I normally have 172 which are sachet of oats, fresh bluberries & unsweetened almond alpro with a green tea.


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