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I m needing to lose 2/3 stone I have previously lost 3 stone with sw but due to healthy problem gained it back. Looking for ideas without veg as I don’t eat any many thanks kelly01

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Hi and welcome, Kelly01

Have a look at the NHS 12 week plan and do the NHS BMI calculator to get your personal calorie range

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Wishing you all the best


Welcome and enjoy the forum..

Cheering you on to get to your goal 🎉🎉🎉


I'm not the world's greatest fan of veg, so I turn a lot of them into curries. I find them palatable like that.


Your best start I think is to eat your calories in the things you do enjoy but don't close your mind to veg. Like Tiggerr says they can be disguised. Curry, soup and you may not believe this but you may even come to like them. I am ever so old and have only just in the last three years come to enjoy veg. Learn to cook them well, i can say this here as she will never see it but I never let my daughter anywhere near broccoli!!!! Ugh. Mint jelly is good with veg or horseradish. Anyway best of luck and do find the weigh in and become a member of the Sunday team.


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