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glad? the holidays are over

hi all! it is Thursday at 1030pm and I am chit chatty. I went to the dr today and I weigh 248!!! that is up 3 pounds from my low on Saturday before Christmas of 245 but in all fairness I had been terribly sick. so anyway I have lost a total of 20 pounds since being back here and I am pumped! I wish I could do some exercise-- I think if I took my own advice as I have access to a pool and would use it, I would feel great and lose a little too. I can barely walk as I have a cyst on the back of one knee which makes walking very painful but I believe the water would feel marvelous! I have talked myself into it.. I will do it tomorrow! hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas as I did and I hope we all have a great new years!!!

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Gaining three pounds over Christmas sounds manageable, Katy. You will get rid of them as quickly as they came. Especially if you are going to start swimming. Great idea! I’m not much of a swimmer myself but mainly because it’s so time consuming in comparison to running where I just have to change and step out of the door to get going. But you have easy access to a pool. Perfect!


Hi Katy - gaining 3lbs over the festive season isn't too bad

Sorry to hear you have been unwell and hope that cyst is sorted soon for you

It's easy to say I will do this I will do that or I won't eat this or that - it's actually putting in place that is the more difficult part :) Hope to see you pop back in later today and say that you have actually been for that swim :)

Take care of yourself and wishing you all the best on your journey :)


A few pounds over xmas isn't the most unexpected thing for a lot of us. You're focusing on the positives which is the main thing.

Going to hold you to using the pool now katy :)

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Hi Katy.

It sounds really hard going but your being so positive is fantastic. Happy New year! X

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