Weigh-in TUESDAY 5th December 2017

Weigh-in TUESDAY 5th December 2017

Hello Tuesday Trimmers and welcome to our weekly weigh in.

Please reply to this post on TUESDAY to join the weigh-in. Thank you

Apologies for the slightly risky pic, I was looking for something uplifting but this one made me laugh out loud!! Who’s got their tree up then? I haven’t yet – we’re getting it this weekend. Nothing edible goes on until Christmas Eve though, the temptation is just too much...and that’s just the adults in the house!

I hope that you've all had a good week and are pleased with the results on the scales. If this isn't the case, don't get despondent, weight loss isn't linear and we're all human. Think of where things may have slipped a little. If you're convinced that you've had a squeaky clean week, then take out the tape measure and see if you've lost inches instead. If that fails to satisfy too, then look back to the beginning of your journey and be proud of how far you've come. Progress may be slow, but if you keep the faith and stick to plan, you'll eventually get the results you've been wanting.

Our aim today, is to support and encourage, so we ask that everyone responds to at least ONE other member, ideally the person directly ahead of you on the thread. Of course you can respond to as many posts as you wish, but it should be a minimum of one.

To help our new stats system, please state your weight today, how much weight you've lost/gained/maintained this week and your goals for the week ahead. Other than that, feel free to share any details of your week that you like.


If you're joining this weigh-in group for the first time today, then please introduce yourself and share your starting weight (if you feel comfortable doing so) and your initial weight loss goals. Setting yourself mini-goals, leading to your ultimate weight loss goal, is particularly helpful. You could also make a note of your body measurements. Sometimes the scales stick at a particular weight, but there can be body measurement changes which are very motivating. It’s not all about the scales after all – it’s how you feel in yourself.

If you’ve not already seen it, then take a moment to read the ‘September Newbie Club’ post, which is a Pinned post (situated on the right hand side of the homepage, or scroll right down to the bottom, if you're using a mobile).

STATS FROM LAST WEEK Tuesday 28th November 2017

Total number weighing in - 20

Total number of replies - 156

Average number of replies - 7.8

Total amount of weight lost - 21.05lbs / 9.54kgs

Total amount of weight gained - 5.03lbs / 2.28kgs

Total number who maintained - 2

Newbies/Restarts - 1

Average weight lost - 0.84lbs / 0.38kgs

Number of members who did not disclose their weight - 0

Good luck all

Onwards and Downwards!


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96 Replies

  • Thanks for hosting the weigh in JiminyCricket. Love the picture. :D

  • That photo is great, though it took a little while to sink in. Duh! :-)

    Hope you've all been having a good few weeks. I've been absent as a result of getting used to a new schedule - started working again, albeit temporary. It was a little disheartening to see the scales go upwards this morning but I'm taking heart from the fact that it isn't bad after a week's holiday. My stats this week are:

    Starting weight 84.10 kg

    Previous weigh in 82.40 kg

    This week 82.90 kg

    This week's gain -0.50 kg

    Total loss 1.20 kg

    Haven't yet got the fruit soaking for the Christmas cake, it has been sooo busy of late. With nearly weekly Christmas events in the coming weeks, it will be tough to keep losing/maintaining. Wishing you all success!

  • hi AryTriin61, that's a teeny gain and good considering how busy you've been. Now you're back weighing and planning you'll start losing again in no time. Good luck navigating all the Christmas events. Just because it's Christmas does not mean I have to stagger home feeling like my stomach might actually explode and I never want to eat again, that's what I'm telling myself

  • That's a very small gain - I'm sure you'll shake it off in no time! Glad you had a lovely holiday

  • That’s not bad at all if you’ve been on holiday, AyrTrin61 ! Get that fruit soaking now! 😊

  • thanks for hosting jiminycricket. Last week I was 10.11 and today I am still 10.11, so no change. Bit frustrating as I was 10.10 yesterday, but I guess it's better than a gain. I overdid it a bit at a Chinese buffet last night so I've only got myself to blame. The house is full of leftover puddings and cake so I'm going to put as much as possible in the freezer. Trying to put off the Christmas excess until it's actually Christmas. Aiming to lose a pound this week. Good luck to everyone today

  • I'm sure that the Chinese buffet was probably a little salty and you had some water retention, as a result, rutheliza. I bet that tomorrow morning, you'll be down a pound again :)

  • Staying the same after a Chinese buffet sounds a pretty good result to me, rutheliza ! You’ve got the right attitude, so I’m sure you can lose a pound this week. 👍

  • It's so annoying when that happens isn't it rutheliza! Like your scales know it's weigh in day! Ah well, I'm sure it'll be yours by next week

  • Today I weigh 9st13 so I have gained a pound.

    Entirely the fault of a 'bring a plate to share' curry night I hosted on Saturday. It was a glorious feast. I definitely ate too much. And then more feasting on gorgeous leftovers on Sunday and Monday. That's a wakeup call - get those leftovers in the freezer! I could probably have got away with one decadent dinner.....but not 3 in a row. Silly me.

    Good luck to everyone weighing in today!

  • Well it's that time of year, Jiminy, and I bet it's a lot less than you might have put on once upon a time after a curry night. You know how it happened, you're a pro now, you can get rid of that pesky pound (providing there are no more curry nights!) 😊

  • Ha yes, no curry for me for a while! Well, at least not the ones with luscious sauces!

  • Not a bad result after all that lovely entertaining and the days after. I think the freezer becomes our best friend in keeping us away from some of th e leftovers. Mmm ..... the curry night sound wonderful. Best wishes for the coming week.

  • Thanks. Yes, it could have been worse!

  • Hello everyone,

    This week I am 80.1 kg, that’s a loss of 1.1 kg since last week. My goal for this week is another kilo. I want to crack into the 70s again, and stay there this time.

    I was for once able to resist temptation because I was busy in the evenings sewing while catching up listening podcasts so no hands free to snack. I carefully calorie counted during the week, but just guesstimates over weekend; I got lazy.

    The next weeks are going to be tricky but I’m going to keep going and checking in on the forum for tips on managing buffets and resisting chocolates and biscuits etc.

    Good luck everyone,



  • Great going! Keeping busy sounds like a great tactic!

  • Great loss, well done! Sounds like you'd be good at the busy bee challenge - have you seen it?

  • Thanks, yes I saw it but I’m using the App and it’s harder to navigate than the website. Let me see if I can scroll and find it.

  • Anna61 is the person hosting, so if you follow her the posts will be flagged up to you!

  • That’s a great loss for one week, well done! 👍

  • Thank you, I must check how you managed the 3 Christmas dinners last week 😊

  • Hi everyone

    Just getting started here, this is my first week.

    Starting weight: 13st 12

    Goal for this week is to lose 2lb and to focus on logging my meals and drinking lots of water. I think the logging helps already, just to make me think before I eat something I didn't really want.

    Good luck everyone! My Xmas preps start with mulling everything that doesn't get away fast enough :)

  • Welcome to our Tuesday weigh in !! Great idea to get started before Christmas and get some good routines going. Logging everything works for me too. Best of luck for your first week

  • Hi Copperbird and welcome. Keeping track of what you eat is the very best way to stay on track. Good luck and see you here next week! 😊

  • hi copperbird and welcome. Sounds like a good plan. Enjoy the mulling and have a good week

  • Welcome to Wednesday Wobble Warriors Copperbird. Have a good first week. :)

  • Thanks for hosting JiminyCricket, our tree is up and to quote a certain song lyric - it's begining to look a lot like Christmas,

    Here goes,

    start weight - 21st 11oz

    todays weight 20st 13oz

    loss - 1lb this week.

    I am still so chuffed it's coming off, I bought a new pair of jeans this week, a size smaller than before, which is the first time I've been in a size 24 for about 2 years, I want to be a size 14 and I know it's not going to happen overnight but slow and steady wins the race.

    This week is going to be the start of a difficult time, the christmas goodies are starting to come in, I'm on a strict carb reduced diet and all the things I love this time of year like mince pies, christmas cake, the odd chocolate, sweet, I've been double checking the carbs in each one and on the whole its effect on my blood glucose is just not worth it. If I really really fancy one I do plan to have just one because the more I deny myself something I really want the more I want it. - Everything in moderation is my plan going forward.

    I had planned last week to be more active and I did walk more rather then hop on the bus and christmas shopping but it's not enough - I feel it's not enough, I plan to do more.

    Whatever you are doing this week, be positive, if you've had a gain, don't beat yourself up over it, this is the start of a new week, you are awesome and you've got this. If you've had a loss, well done, well done, keep going because you are doing great.

    Have a great week everyone and I hope to see less of you all next week ;)

    Sarah xx

  • Well done! So great to go down a dress size already - bet that feels great. You are right - it's not a race, slow and steady is the way to go if you want it to be a true lifestyle change. Best of luck this coming week

  • Well done Sarahski , great result! Onward and downward!

  • Well done! And such a positive outlook. Thank you.

  • Well done Sarahski for losing 1 Ib & dropping a dress size. Keep up & stick with it. Slow & steady is achievable and sustainable :)

  • Well done you !!! I just love reading everyones posts.....it really keeps me going with watching those calories. Have you tried dark choc rice cakes??? they are yummy and my goto thing as I'm gluten intolerant. Good luck and try to ignore the Christmas food !!!

  • Ooo they sound good, will look out next time I'm shopping

  • Excellent Sarah, thank you. Well done you.

    You're right, Christmas goodies are all over the place just now. My husband and I are going to his 'Christmas works do' on Saturday.

    It's at a Morroccan restaurant. I've pre-ordered pita bread and hummus to start, lamb and chicken for my main and, of course, baklava for dessert.

    We are staying at a hotel so we can stagger back there after all those extra liquid calories !

    Full English breakfast the following morning ? I'm unlikely to turn it down if offered !

    Almond croissant and coffee on the way home (it's a 2 hour drive) ?

    Lead me not into temptation or exercise some give and take so I don't feel hard one by or that I'm trying to hard ?

    Better tell myself not to chuck the rest of the day in and say never mind or I'll be into the chocolate all Sunday afternoon. Let's just say I know what I'm like.

  • Teehee! Thanks for hosting JC

    I'll be brief today as I'm feeling cross with myself - weighing in at 12 st 6 lb, so a gain of 1 lb I think. Still struggling with post-plateau lack of motivation and no exercise for two weeks due to bug which has left me very tired. And a birthday (66 - OMG, where did the years go?!). But I'm still here.... so there's hope yet! Fingers crossed for a better result next week - I'm definitely going to get the daily exercise going again and am beginning to get the portions back under control - my goodness, it is a long and winding road!

    Have a good week everyone, :)

  • Hang on in there Dietbunny . When you are over that bug, you will feel much more motivated. (You’re right about how fast the years go by! All the more reason to make sure we are fit and healthy and make the best of them!) Have a good week. 😊

  • Don't worry, Db, stick with us and you'll get back on track :)

    Happy belated Birthday wishes to you! 66 years young and looking 10 years younger! ;)

  • happy birthday, dietbunny. It is a tough slog isn't it. Well done for getting back on the wagon. I'm sure you'll be on the downward slope again in no time

  • Happy birthday and hope you have got over your bug now. Yes, a long and winding road indeed, but traveled in good company which is what helps us get to the destination!

  • Ah well don't worry - i think upping the exercise and keeping an eye on the portions is a good idea, it's a shame that everything is just so bloomin' nice at the moment - I'm 4 mincepies and two winter whirls. down already and I'm not going to discuss the sherry.

  • happy birthday Dietbunny & I hope you are feeling better now. Gaining 1 Ib is quite expected after a birthday 7 no excercise for 2 weeks. Keep up the motivation & you will reach your goal. best of luck :)

  • Love the poster JC. Made me laugh!

    Well I am surprised to report a loss this week, albeit a minuscule one😄. Last week 9st 4.7lb, this week 9st 4.6lb!

    Yesterday I celebrated reaching my goal of 9st 4lb after a year on MFP and this forum, but thanks to a three course Christmas dinner yesterday, I was fully expecting to have put on at least a couple of pounds. So it’s a welcome surprise!

    I have a Christmas social to attend tomorrow night, a charity Christmas lunch on Friday and the Christmas buffet at OH’s golf club on Saturday, so if I stay the same next week, I think I might be very pleased and relieved.

    Stay strong everyone! 🎅

  • Oh good for you Tt!! That's a brilliant result! :)

    Fingers crossed for another sts for next week, after all those meals out!! :)

  • Yes you survived the dinner!!! What a fab result! You've got quite a line up this week though - good luck!!!

  • I'm very impressed with your goal reaching abilities! A final goal is exactly what's always eluded me. I hope you feel absolutely brilliant. Good luck for the maintenance journey... I'm sure you'll be ace at that too :)

  • Well it took me a year to lose that stone Ruth_canal_runner. Dogged perseverance rather than speed got me there! And now I’ve done it, it doesn’t quite feel enough. When Christmas is out of the way, I’d like to round it down to 9 stone, although it might take a few months!

  • oh that's lovely news, well done you. What's MFP?

  • Good morning JiminyCricket. Today I'm 10st 7.25lbs, a half lb gain from last week. I'm actually using yesterday's weight - I was in too much of a rush this morning - and I was hoping for something better today as yesterday was only a belated weigh-in for the maintainers thread - which I've yet to post on! I'm still hoping to reach my 9st10 goal by March but it's proving slow to get started! It's just been one of those weeks where everything happened at once. I can't even commit to goals for next week as I'm still in chaos here. Asthma flare up, gas leak, broken heating, all things you don't want when the temperatures are dropping... But I seem to be coping for now. Just hope my weight loss can get back on track soon!

  • Oh I hope your asthma is ok - my son is always bad when the temperature suddenly drops. My washing machine broke this week - its the season for it!!! Half a pound is nothing, you'll sort that out in no time I'm sure. I'm sure you'll find it easier to plan once everything else settles down!

  • It's better now, it was more last week that the asthma flared up. Needed to simply take time out and apply lots of scarves especially outdoors! Luckily I have a much better inhaler routine this winter, I think that helped too. I hope your son is coping okay 😥 Hope your washing machine is easy enough to fix too, there's never a convenient time for these things to happen is there :o

  • Its amazing the difference that a scarf makes. And a good routine. My son is as good as can be expected from a 14 year old - I think he's mostly given up taking the regular brown inhaler though. He's got a buff that he can just pull up over his mouth when he goes to school in the morning and I think he likes the ninja look, so that helps! The weather is warming up here, think the cold snap is done for now. Is your heating fixed??? (Thats way worse than a broken washing machine.)

  • Just keep going, never say die, and you’ll get there Ruth! 👍

  • It's only a small gain Ruth_canal_runner just keep going and you will soon reach your target for March. :)

  • Hope the gas leak and heating are sorted soon. Here's to a better week ahead!

  • Hi. It sounds tough with so many things You're struggling with-but hope it starts to settle down and gets sorted. Especially the asthma-tough at any time of the year.

    Hope you have a better week ahead. 😊

  • Hello, I am a maintainer, 13 6lbs last week and the same today. Haven't done any exercise recently and am going to try and do 2 sessions on the exercise bike before next weigh in. I've told all of you now, so that I will actually do it!

  • Haha, we're watching now....!

  • Good idea to post a challenge to yourself. Have you put it in your weekly planner to see when you can do it. I try to do that. Good luck for the week yosborne2017. 😊

  • Thank you for posting ---and for the picture. Lol.

    Last week I weighed 11st 3lb. This week I have put on another half pound.. that is two weeks in a row. I have already been to a few evenings out so need to be careful in the next few weeks. Aim to lose at least 1lb by next week.

    Have a good week 🌹

  • Evenings out are hard aren't they. Best of luck banishing that pound this week!

  • Thanks.

  • Lost 2lb

    Last week 18 St 12

    This week 18st 10

  • Great, well done! You are poised for the 17s next week! Good luck!

  • Well done you must be really pleased with this. Hope you have a good week ahead. 🌹

  • 2lb - impressive - very well done. What is your secret?

  • Great work...bet you're chuffed with that !!!

  • Yay!!!!

  • Mmm, I thought I left a reply but now I can't find it. Love the picture! 11.4.6 last week, 11.6.4 this week which is a real shame. I'm struggling to be motivated, I only want to sit on the sofa, drink sherry and eat mince pies so I'm looking for some encouragement!

    Good luck everyone else.

  • Tell yourself that you can do that on Christmas day, but you have to lose 2lbs first, Jaybron ;)

  • okay, will do maam!!

  • Christmas is still 3 weeks away! Plenty of time to get in good habits and make a difference. Save it for the day itself!

  • yes, fair enough. Thanks for the kick!

  • No worries. Kick me back when I'm doing the same!!!

  • ooh that sounds nice...love a sherry and mince pie !! But I ask myself if I am really hungry or just fancy it ?? Its so hard....I'm a snacker rather that big meal kinda person, so find small things pop in my mouth unnoticed ....its a real challenge. Keep strong !x

  • It's crisp that are fatal for me, I'm proud to say that I have had less than 4 packs since September so I keep telling myself I can do it with the mince pies....

  • Hi. Thanks for hosting today JiminyCricket. Last week I was 119kg. Today I weigh 117.6kg. Lost 1.4kg (3 pounds). So proud & motivated :)

  • Yayyyy! !!! That's a fantastic loss, bet you're walking on air! ! Best of luck for the week ahead

  • wow...fantastic. Any tips??

  • To be honest I'm not sure. I'm sticking to calorie limiting diet of 1400 cal/day. It's hard & I feel hungry a lot. But this week I got less hungry than last week. This loss gives me the motivation to stick to it.

  • Please only stick to 1400 calories if that's what your personal allowance is. 1400 is a generic amount and it could be that your allowance is much higher, which would cure the hunger and stop you from going into starvation mode :)

  • Thank you for hosting JC and love the pic

    I have to report a STS yet again,

    Over eating but still running, I hope to get this blip sorted soon,

    Lesjay 😊

  • A maintain is always better than a gain, Lesjay, so all is not lost :)

  • STS is fine, I do plenty of that! You'll get there, especially with all your running

  • Yes it’s the running that keeps me going, my son keeps having these vomiting syndrome attacks that lasts for weeks and weeks at a time, I think it’s anxiety related as he has Asperger’s, he also slit his wrist a couple of weeks ago as he is that down with it all, which is why I have been a bit quiet on here, this I think was all brought on by an acid attack on him in May which he suffered 4th degree burns, so I do what I do best and comfort eat which is what I’m going through now, but the running up lifts me a little and compensate for the over eating, it’s a rough time but it will get better

  • Oh that sounds like your poor son is having a hideous time. Hard on you too - I imagine running is much needed time out, and exercise always gives you a mental boost. I hope this chapter comes to a close for you soon.

  • Good evening everyone...

    start weight 16st 4lb

    last week 16st 2.5lb

    this week 16st 1.5lb

    lost 1lb

    Reasonably happy, but like more !!! pleased to be going down each week if only small amounts !

  • Slow and steady wins the race, Carol, so stick with it, everything's going in the right direction :)

  • My nearly 14 year old son said exactly the same to me this evening....love my kids, they are right behind me and cheering me on all the time, it helps loads.

  • Thats great, well done! Closing in on those 15's now.....

  • Yes....so excited about this !!! cant wait x

  • What a wonderful Christmas present to yourself

  • One kilo gone ! Woop woo !! I now weigh 115kgs. Down from 122kgs earlier this year when I stopped counting.

    That's just over two pounds in 'old money'. So, to lose one pound of body fat I have to burn 3500 calories extra to my normal daily Basal Metabolic Rate. (What my body needs to survive i.e. heart beating, breathing, vital organ function etc.) That means I've burned over 14,000 calories extra this week.

    I've been doing C25K as well as British Military Fitness (except last night - we got lost and never made it). I walk to the bus stop then walk to work then do it all again on the way home. I take more care with what I'm eating. Mindful eating not picking/snacking/grazing.

  • Sounds like you're doing everything right and it's really paying off - well done!

  • Hi there, I forgot to log in last week, went to see Steps concert, didn't realise until I got back in and then too late. But sonce first weigh in Lost a pound now weigh 14.3. So in the right direction after staying the same for so long. Thanks for hosting. Good luck all , so much temptation around.

  • Good for you! Hope the concert was good too x

  • Thanks JiminyCricket for being such a fantastic host in today's weigh in. :)

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