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Hi Guys, Over the past few weeks I have been suffering acute wind and bloating pains, and on top of a rather nasty chest infection, found that I was waking at night with an acute bile problem, that had me coughing and choking for up to an hour. By reviewing the poor attempti had made to keep a food diary on NHS MyWeighMatters I could see a trend, that pointed to dairy or more specifically lactose. After checking with my chemist and my doctors practice nurse I decidided to try abstaining from all dairy for one week. I managed the week, and all my symptoms disappeared, virtually within one day. I eat some cheese yesterday, and whilst I suffered only mild bloating for several hours after eating, I did not suffer too much more, but felt sufficiently different to make me realise this is a real problem for me. I have also lost without changing anything radically else in my diet, 5kg in one week. I find I do not have the same food cravings I used to have when eating specificallly cheese which I love, but also natural yoghurts and skimmed milk in porridge or on cereals. I will be starting another weeks abstinence from dairy today, to see how things progress. It’s hard not eating food you love but not as hard as I thought it would be, particularly now I appreciate how much better I feel. I know it’s not good to drop an entire food group, and if I cannot ease myself back into some level of tolerance I will need to find supplements that replace the nutrients and vitamins that dairy alone provides. Any advise would be greatly appreciated, as would your stories of similar problems and how you have conquered it. Hope my journey so far makes others look at their eating related problems.


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11 Replies

  • Hi Dave well done on that weight loss, mm I have no issues with dairy, I know Ruth_canal_runner has given you some good advice and info in your other post

    Wishing you all the best with it

  • Hi Dave, I really recommend looking at the Vegan Society website if you're worried about the nutritional implications of dropping dairy from your diet. You can make up those nutrients through diet. The first step is to read, read, read, find out as much as you can. Great news that your symptoms have improved so quickly :)

  • Thanks Ruth. Not sure if the improvements that I have experienced are typical, or solely attributed to the change in diet, but whatever it is I’m happy to carry on. Thanks for the advise. I will take a look at the Vegan Society website.

  • I don't think what happened to me is typical either. There are always so many factors! But if I were you I would very happily take that 5kg drop without questioning it too much! Great result after one week :)

  • Thanks cracker10. You are correct, great advise by Ruth_canal_runner

  • What milk do you use as a substitute in tea, cereals etc and does it taste ok? So glad your stomach is feeling better, that bloating and pain can be so uncomfortable. Best wishes EJ

  • Thanks NannyEJ , sounds like a voice of experience. I have only trie soya milk so far but find that taste rather peculiar and sweet, as I have not taken sugar since the age of 12. I have almond milk and lactose free milk yet to try. However don’t mind green tea or week black tea.

  • Hi Dave I am newly diagnosed with lactose intolerance and the lactose free milk,cheese,yoghurt all taste exactly as normal I have still to find other foods good luck with your journey.

  • We have lots of lactose intolerance in my family, varying degrees of severity.

    It is much easier to find lactose fee foods now and many people can tolerate some natural yogurt due to the fermentation - but you will need to try that to see how it suits you and what level of yogurt suits you - if any.

    We use lots of nut milks, often make my own, make my own nut butters too - which I think are far better than any you can buy.

    Sounds like abstaining has made a significant difference. Good to keep on trying.

  • Still very much on the Lactose avoidance route, and it continues to have its challenges, but the rewards for me are increasingly evident. I would like to explore the home made nut butter as I am not a fan of the margarine alternatives. Ceals any recipes would be appreciated. Happy New Year one and all.

  • Love homemade nut butter - macadamia is my favourite.

    I think I put a recipe in the recipe topic section - but here goes.

    Roast some nuts (single variety or mixed) on a baking sheet for about 10 mins at 100 deg C. The time is variable depending on nuts and oven. The more roasted they are the more roasted your nut butter tastes, but certainly get them nice and golden.

    Then just throw into a strong blender/food processor and whizz up. You can make it crunchy or smooth depending on the strength of your machine and how you like it.

    Cashew nut milk is the easiest of the nut milks to make - soak cashew nuts overnight, rinse and put in blender with litre water and whizz up. Very little sediment so no need to strain through a nut bag. I think it is 250g of nuts but can't quite remember - ask Mr Google he will know.

    Have fun.

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