Day 1 down

So, day one, done and dusted...that is an achievement for me and my eating abilities.

Bran flakes and milk for breakfast, onken strawberry fat free yogurt mixed with blueberries for lunch and one breaded haddock with carrot/swede mash for tea. This time of night is when I pick pick pick... I am trying to train myself to drink water/ squash instead of nibbling (which I find incredibly hard!!) I’m now sitting here thinking of what motivates me... I would like to know what motivates you... so I can create more motivation for myself 💕 xx


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7 Replies

  • Well done Charley6 on getting through your first day which is always the hardest to do. I am a little concerned that you only had a yogurt and Blueberries for lunch today. Have you checked how many calories your allowed each day with the BMI checker? You can find this in the Newbie Club.

    The challenges in the Pinned posts are good for keeping you motivated as they give you something to aim for each week.

    Have a good week. :)

  • Well done Charley6 on getting through your day! I know how hard it can be so pat on the back for doing it!

    Why don't you plan a late snack like a 8.40pm rice cake with peanut butter and camomile tea (this is my evening Snack)

    It will make you feel calm after dinner knowing there is a last meal, and it will stop you picking or feeling tied to your glass of squash! This works for me anyway!

    My motivators are knowing how it feels to be slimmer and healthier and knowing how goooooodddddddd it is. A bit obvious but it is what I think about to spur me onward!

    I hope you'll stay on the forum and getall the good from it that I do! Daily Diary is great for planning meals and getting your organisation skills sharpened ! Why not join us every day this week and see if it helps you get your first week under your belt!

  • Hello Charley

    I was motivated to lose weight by a wish to improve my health and have the best quality of life I am able to achieve

  • Well done on starting your journey to a happier and healthier you. I was motivated to lose weight because of my children, they are only little and I want to be there for them ☺️ Plus I also want to be able to buy “nice” clothes again 😄

  • Hi Charley,

    I joined 5 days ago and was so incredibly strict with myself to begin with and felt hungry all day for days 2 and 3, I’ve lightened yo a bit and discovered I was eating about 400 too FEW calories for me per day so the last 2 days I’ve not been quite so strict and I’m feeling much better and my scales still show a decent loss so I’m happy.

    As for motivation, my maternity jeans no longer fit me and my daughter is 2! Time to do something about it (though I do like to point out that I lost 2 stone when pregnant due to morning sickness so actually maternity jeans are probably my smallest jeans 😂)

    Looking forward to seeing how you get on in the next few days. X

  • Hi Charley6 :) Try full fat instead of fat free yoghurt. More filling. Also make sure you have a little protein with each meal. Even if it's a small cube of cheese. Protein is also a filler.

    My motivation was looking in the mirror and not liking what I saw, and feeling tired, bloated and generally unwell all the time. I knew I had to do something about it.

    What I hope to do once I've lost the weight is get a rock chick type photo taken. Think Chrissie Hynes/Suzi Quatro :) Complete with leather pants and jacket lol That will be my success photo (next year) at age 55.

  • I like TV shows that show weight loss journeys..I take a little from a show and build it into my life. It could be a recepie or just a nice walk. But the before and after pictures especially if they are of similar weight tutu o me is so motivating for me..I also like ACQUA aerobics. I put a slice of lemon in my water.. I love lemons so it helps me drink more..great question as I feel motivated just answering you message..thank you

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