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What's happening today? Sunday 29th October 2017

What's happening today? Sunday 29th October 2017

Good morning All

I am privileged to be your admin today - I may not be the fastest, but I will get there eventually!! 😂

This post is a drop in place to see what's going on... Who is available and have a natter..

Cheering us all on to our goals 🎉🎉🎉

Going on today we have...

Today's weigh in is in the events list, so wishing all you Super Sunday Slimmer's a good number on the scales and tape measures..

Today's Daily diary is also in the events list, so pop in and share with us what your menu is and what wonderful food you are eating today.

There are lots of interesting things to get involved in on the pinned post section, lots of exercise challenges like the paddlers rowing club, or the thinkers with the happiness challenge, to the newbies club to help us all to learn our way around the forum to really get the best from it... A good read no matter how long you've been logging in.

Continue to be or get more involved and enjoy all that this unique forum has to offer.

Have a brilliant Sunday... What are you up to today?

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Morning Minniewinny and everyone else.

Spent an enjoyable yesterday with parents. Food was way outside of the norm but very enjoyable. I'm giving myself a few days off and hopefully Monday I'll have a clearer more determined perspective.

You're never too old to cadge of your parents and I'll be returning with a tall drawer freezer. It's going to replace the small chest one that OH lets me use :)

Leaving for home at 7a.m. and dropping in on my friend along the way to pick up a few extra bits for the b&b kitchen that I'm still building. Hope to be home by 10.

Not going to do too much today but once the new freezer has settled, I can go treasure hunting and empty the small one.

Have the best day you can everyone.


Know what you mean about never being too old to acquire on visits. I never seem to come home empty handed. Treasures to me. Someone else's unwanted items. 🙂


Good morning Triggerr,

Always good to spend time with family. I will be popping into see my Dad after work Monday.

Freezer sounds handy. I defrosted my freezer last week, then spent a large chunky of yesterday batch cooking, now in the freezer for this coming week. Trying to avoid eating processor foods, i am little concerned these home cooked meals are higher in calories, too these processor soups I have been eating.

Wishing you a good day x


Always depends what you put in them Honey10 but I doubt it. Processed soups tend to contain sugars and starches under one name or another. And in any case, they contain so many preservatives and weird ingredients - give me home made wholesome soup any time. 🙂

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Thanks for your reply. I have just started these last couples of days, eating low carbohydrates foods and high fat foods. Was eating quite a low fat and low calorie diet, so see how goes.


Good for you.


Good luck Honey10 😊

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Ooh hi honey, let us know iw how you get on. I'm trying to reduce carbs, but struggling at the mo. Any advice is great. Thank you 😊

Hi Quirkybee, very early days for me. I had banana yesterday, not realising these are high in carbohydrates, certainly be trial and error. Wishing you lots of success with your diet.

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Thank you. If I have good tips, I'll pop on and let you know. It us trial and error to begin with.

Thanks that be helpful. Definitely be a learning journey for me

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Wishing you success with this Honey10. I'm trying to do the same as I realised low fat low cal was aggravating my IBS. Like you only been doing it a few days and tummy has settled, body fat down, BMI down a wee bit more and body muscle increased. I have wasted years on low fat low cal but thanks to the power of the forum I am learning what works for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hope you have a great week and well done on batch cooking.😊


Hi Kazzi, sorry you been suffering IBS, hope it improves soon.

Wishing you all best.

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Thank you Honey10

I bulk cook, work out the total calories then portion it out appropriately. It shouldn't really matter how many calories are in the whole lot.

I cooked timpana a month or so ago and the total calories was 22,876. I split it up into 500 cal portions... I did make a lot :)


No wonder you needed that freezer.

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What makes me smile now, is that I planned to make twice that much but as the day wore on I got cooking fatigue. I was left with a lot of bolognaise sauce that I froze down separately.


Sounds Good, must get into routine bulking cooking regularly. I used to this years just slipped into bad habits.


At the moment I am trying to make space in my freezer so I can do something me bulk cooking. Trouble is, keeping my hands of bargains and filling it up again with raw ingredients. 😂


I just googled Pastitsio.. wow.. so much to learn and so much I learn on here.. so have to make one of these!! Thanks Tiggerr

Ha ha, treasure hunting in the freezer made me laugh Tiggerr, goodness knows what is lurking in mine! Good luck and I hope you find some treasure.


Good morning Tiggerr I'm not in bed yet over here. Have a good day!


Good morning Minniewinny, thank you for hosting.

I am having fairly chilled day. Have a morning swimming about 7am. Will be popping over to see OH, possible go out for lunch.

Wishing everyone a good Sunday


Early morning swims are really relaxing. Enjoy!

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Hope you have a lovely day Honey10

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Good morning lovely people 😊

I’m having a lazy day after yesterday’s long walk (long for me)

If the wind dies down we may bite the bullet and start taking an overgrown silve birch tree down, it’s catching the BT wires - eeek! Don’t want any trouble there! Otherwise it’s christmas crafting for me 😊

Have a good day



Ooh, Christmas crafting on an autumn day, how lovely. What are you making?

I've started up crafting again - at the moment my house is pom-pom central as I'm making a pom-pom rug out of all the scraps of wool I have. It's actually quite relaxing to just sit down of an evening, put on the TV and make those pom-poms.

Considering making a Christmas pom-pom wreath

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Don't suppose you happen to know where I put my pompom makers do you?

I hope you get the tree sorted.. please be careful 😉

Contradiction of terms.. a lazy day, cutting part of a tree down 😂😂😂

Out with famalam for me. After a busy social period- I am looking forward to big healthy eating re- group in November 😁


It will be a good November.. enjoy family time today.

well hello- I enjoyed my extra hour in bed with the clocks going back- I don't think Alfie realises that though he may think its 8:35am and so should be out on his walk its only 7:35 since he is lying in front of the door, so I had better go and get washed and take him out!

Just been checking the challenges- moreless has been encouraging the last few regulars to post their totals, so will probably need t check these regularly today! I have weighed my self- lost 0.2kg despite gorging on the Halloween sweets- went a bit mad yesterday on the Haribos, my body fat is down and my waist measurement is down as well so very happy with myself. Anyway I had better go and get ready will pop back in a couple of hours to see whats happening- hope you all enjoy your natter and tea/coffee morning


Hope you had a good walk.. A nice Sunday ahead

Good morning Minniewinny and all. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet up before anyone else in the house, with a nice hot mug of lady grey. Last day of holiday for me before returning to work tomorrow - it has been a real treat having all of half term off with the family.

Currently working up the courage to go to the Sunday weigh in and post - it isn't good this morning. Then a few hours of energetic housework before taking my daughter out to do some early Christmas shopping, have lunch out and pick my boy up from cub camp - washing machine is ready to go!!

Happy Sunday all, enjoy, whatever you are doing.

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A busy day ahead for you...

Hi Minniewinny,

I'm just cooking breakfast ,then I'm going out for a run.

I want to go through my blood sugar diet book again .to refresh myself..

I will be going for a walk later,do some practicing on my guitar.


And then chill out.

Hope you have a great day .


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Have a great day, my dog walk is next to do...


Hope the weather is good,it's like the seasons know when the clock goes back .

It's such a change from yesterday s wash out .


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Today is catch up day in terms of housework, emails and weekly planning.

So main activities today:

20min run...well run/walk

Walking the dog

All the house work that haven't done the past couple of days (should work up a bit of a sweat)

Meal prepping - This has become the main Sunday activity. I know what I'm like and if I don't have the meals already cooked and ready to go, then by mid-week, start eating "whatever" and not always healthy.

Weekly planning - I like to spend a few minutes each Sunday reviewing the previous week to see what I've achieved/not achieved and take any lessons learned into next week. So for example, I had planned to do a couple of 20min home exercise routines in the evening but found that by the time I got home I was exhausted. So already planning on getting up a little earlier and doing the work outs in the morning that way when I get home, I can just relax.


Sounds like a good plan and routine 😉

Busy day for you.



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After a late night, I went to the O2 for the blues fest, Hall & Oates playing last night.. really enjoyed it with one of my sisters.. I've given myself a slow morning...

Now to take little Minniewinny for a walk... 🐾🐾

See you in a little while... Please continue to keep each other company x


Morning Minniewinny. I hope you enjoyed Hall & Oates. Hubby and I love their music and when our son was born in '85 we called him Daryl John although the John was really after my late father. Busy day for me with housework and shopping as Iast week I was out and about a lot so not much done at home. Lovely and sunny morning here in Central Scotland. I will also be spending time flat hunting with my daughter. I hope she finds one soon as she has been with us since I retired 18 months ago along with the contents of a 2 bed flat. I need my house back🏠😜🤞 Have a great day all.😊

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They were very good, wishing you a successful flat hunt for your daughter.. and you 😉

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Glad you enjoyed the concert and yes fingers crossed she has her own place by Christmas.😊

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Good morning Minniewinny, love the picture.

Well start of another week and I am including walking as my main exercise. I have put my recent illness to bed and can now start a proper routine.

Today I have had my porridge and berries and have sorted lunch. We don't stick too rigidly to meal regimes on Sunday's. My hubby has lost some weight this week and is taking interest in my journey and has decided to join in. (he is seeing the results of perseverance).Exercise is a bit of a problem for him but he will do a little bit when he can.

I am going to blitz the freezer today and see what is left in there to produce some meals for the week.

Hope everyone has a productive week.x


I do like these happy frog pictures!!

Glad you're feeling better and that hubby is joining in, I hope you both have a good week ahead.

I write a list of what's in the freezer by drawer.. that way I can plan and use things up or replace them easily as we cross them off when used.

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That is a great plan. I did do an inventory of freezer items a while ago to do with a site I am on in facebook, but when my son's get in there I have to keep checking. Fortunately I have let the freezer go down a bit to clean it and will list things again. (gaining £'s and losing lb's plan).x


Well I am back from walking Alfie- I'll just have to keep quiet about the couple of chips and bit of bun he picked up off the ground!! Hopefully any evidence of having human food will have disappeared by Wednesday when I return Alfie! Currently having a cup of coffee- didn't have my early morning one, since yesterday I had my normal pot of tea, cup of coffee and glass of juice before I took him for his main walk of the day- just over 2 hrs- nearly regretted it but I knew there was a toilet half way round, today there are no toilets en route today so knew I had to restrict my fluid intake this morning!

Got to plan my meals for the week- I know what I having for the main meals but have to work out the calories and what I will have for evening meals. When my parents come on Thursday I am not bothering with the calories too much since we'll be eating out on most days but having main meals in the evening, I will just make sure I will pick the healthy options- soups or baked potatoes (I hope)

Then it will be time for lunch before I take Alfie for a play with the ball and then I hope to clean the bathroom and do some ironing before taking him out again for his evening walk then I will lounge watching Strictly before night time short walk.

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A busy and active day for you, well done on knowing the route and limiting your fluids this morning!!

Enjoy your meal planning and family time ahead.

Morning Minniewinny

Here comes the sunshine here. I might even manage to put some washing out.

Just off to check out my wardrobe. I have a posh frock do on Thursday evening, and I need to know now what fits, find shoes and so on - I've already got someone lending me a bag. 🙂

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That sounds exciting.. I am terrible at planning what to wear in advance.. I admire you for getting things ready in advance..

I hope your pleased with the outfit you choose and it fits comfortably today and on Thursday...

I have a ball to go to next Saturday the 4th.. Maybe I should look in my wardrobe!!

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I have to say that the only reason I am doing it today is because I am not sure what fits. 😕 And, I have to finish work, home, be knocked down by dogs, change and be out of the house by 6.00 pm. Absolutely no time for decisions or frock flinging.


😂😂😂. Understood, advance planning a necessity!!

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🤣🐕🐶👗👠🤣Enjoy the do on Thurs MissisB and your ball on Sat Minniewinny.


Love it 🙂


Good morning to all my friends on the forum today I hope you are having a good day. I was up early as I am getting ready to go to Windsor for the day. The weather is good and the sun is coming out. My daughter made scrambled eggs and seeded bread for breakfast which I enjoyed very much. She is partially sited and has learning disability so it was extra special. We will have lunch in the pub. Hop you all have a good day


A real treat for you and a great achievement for your daughter.. A great start to the day.

Enjoy Windsor.. a nice day for a day put.

Good morning Caroline, it is real treat when someone makes breakfast for you.

Enjoy your day in Windsor.

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i have brekkie cooked for me if I go out when on holiday!!

I will be out for Sunday worship at the Kingdom Hall locally.. then have a little shopping to do as didn't get it done yesterday.. so I will be out from 12'ish to 3:30'ish..

IndigoBlue61 will be covering for me.. The forum family are never abandoned, but always supported with the view of being encouraged and protected.. 👍🏻


Had a very early lunch- changed all the clocks back except the living room one, since I needed to get out with Alfie, busy doing the weekly meal plan looked up at the time and thought I'd better get the oven on- instead of it being 11:30- it was actually 10:30 so I had my dinner at 11:30- good job I was hungry! I am delaying my pudding until a reasonable time otherwise I may be tempted to snack on the remaining haribos this evening! I have now corrected the time in the living room so no more cock ups I hope due to time.

I can now go back to planning my meals- just got next Sunday to do but I accidently deleted the name of the pub we are going to so waiting for my brother to txt me back so I can plan Sunday's meal. I am basically on track with my calories despite catering for my parents only slightly over, but we will be doing some walking- not at a brisk pace but I will be kept going.


That’s an excellent achievement RG07 very well done 😊. For the STS not the clock changing business! Lol 😊. must admit it feels a lot later than 12.30 to me . . .

it was more than luck by design, though it does depend on what options I have available to eat at lunchtime when we are out.

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That’s Minniewinny back so I’m off to start dinner 😊. You have all been very quiet this afternoon, hope you are doing something nice. I’ve been sat in front of the fire reading

Have a lovely evening folks

See you tomorrow morning 😊

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Thank you IndigoBlue61 you are a diamond

well back form walking the dog, had my tea- grated carrot & red pepper humus and pitta. Been very naughty and munched on the haribos- probably need to buy some more but wondering if I need to since still have a box of 50 mixed chocolate bars- if i restrict them to 2 bars each should be ok for 25 kids can't see me having that many coming. Not managed to clean the bathroom but the fruit tea loaf is in the oven- smelling lovely, ready for my parents coming down. relaxing currently watching strictly results on iPlayer

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Nice tea, I love sour sweets, have to keep them under control!!

Enjoy your evening... 💃🏼🕺🏼

I plan to- keep wanting to change into my PJs then remember I have to take Alfie out at around 9:30 for his last walk! It seems to have been a quiet on here today. Was supposed to do some ironing but that's gone by the by- maybe do it tomorrow?

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Hello, I was posting about my dinner danger time (stuffing full of junk before eating a healthy meal) but managed to get past this by doing chores and i did the same after dinner - so I have a clean kitchen and i stuck with my main meal. Pleased, happy and full - thank you to this site where I have been rambling on and writing down my thoughts and actions. It is helping me a lot! Thanks everyone. Hope you all have an great week

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Well done to you... Bonus on getting ahead with your chores...

Thank you all for joining in today, have a great week ahead..

Cheering us all on to reach our goals.. 🎉🎉🎉

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