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Week one

So this week , no chocolate, crisps or crap. Not counting calories I find I think about food all the time . Three meals a day only fruit outside mealtime. So porridge or eggs for breakfast . Jacket potato or soup for lunch and a meal in the evening .. or reverse main meal and light meal if im working.

Scales im not doing that to myself anymore.

I have batch cooked ragu for pasta , soup as a stand by and today im doing a curry from a reciepe an asian colleague gave me( it smells great) .

So thats it cook your own food and exercise , im walking more this week . In my 40's I got up to 40 lentghs in the local pool . I have found my googles and a pair of shorts .

Next week im hitting the pool . Target is 20 lengths twice a week . Breast stroke at first then start putting in some freestyle .

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wishing you all the best on your journey - as you are not weighing are you measuring yourself ?


If I weigh myself and measure myself I generally drive myself nuts. Then if I have a bad week I binge or if I have a good week I treat myself. I have lost weight on WW and SW and guess what im back to square one. So Im just going to do the right things eat three sensible meals . I have totally cut out choc/crisps/ cakes .

I have coffee a day with sugar the rest of the day its water/squash/ or tea skimmed milk no sugar.

Im using low fat spray .. both my parents were coeliac so ive cut out bread .

If I do the right things my weight will look after itself . Without me thinking about it 24/7

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Good decision Downthetunnel 😊

It’s all about how you feel, you will soon notice when your clothes feel looser 😊


Hi there and welcome!!. It looks like you are doing the right things for your eating program. How about exercise program to add to your healthier lifestyle. You can also tell by your clothing if you lost weight. I weigh in but I use a belt to measure myself around my weight. let us know how you are doing.


You can have a piece of dark chocolate at least 60% cacao for the flavonoids are good for you just one piece though watch processed foods they can add gluten keep up the good work😊😊


It might be worth checking your BMI, to get your ideal calorie intake and calculate it for at least a week just to get your portions right. However, looks like your eating healthily and exercising so you are doing the right stuff! 👍


Oh I have ... short and fat covers it nicely


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