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Speed of weight loss


My weight loss is going ok so far, it's early days and I have a lot to lose (bmi 35), I'm taking the steady paced route and loosing about 2lb a week and fully expect this rate will slow down sooner or later.

Despite this I am feeling life can be a little unfair... my lovely husband who has a bmi of around about 27 is eating healthier meals alongside me but also eating bigger portions, packets of biscuits, drinking alcohol etc and the weight is literally melting off him - I am pleased for him of course (but a little jealous!) His metabolism seems so much faster than mine - I'm sure that's partly why I've ended up so overweight- I've been eating the same as him!

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There are many of us in the same boat, Kate, including myself! It does seem unfair, but, hey ho, that's life and we just have to deal with it, unfortunately.

Never mind, we all know just how much extra effort you're having to put in ;)

Dizzykate in reply to moreless

Yes and luckily my husband is very supportive too 🙂

I seem to put on weight easily nowadays. There was a time when I would have 2 packs of biscuits just for an afternoon snack and I was pretty skinny.

Part of me wishes that I could still be that person but I have to remember that my body just isn't up to the food and drink abuse that it used to be and needs a lot more care and attention.

ConcernedAmbassador in reply to Tiggerr

That brings back memories. Many moons ago, I used to wonder why I was struggling to stay awake having had biscuits for lunch!

We know metabolism slows with age when we lose lean body mass, but what we eat when we're younger also has an influence, not only on body composition but increasing hormone levels that predispose us to store body-fat.

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Concerned

I have this belief that there are so many 'real world' subjects that aren't being taught at schools. I reckon you could write a very useful addition to the 'new curriculum' covering healthy eating :)

ConcernedAmbassador in reply to Tiggerr

I'd like to vote for innovation, enterprise and optimism as core subjects please.

Healthy eating has so many vested interests in maintaining the status quo I'm made to feel like an outsider 'quack'.

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Concerned

I like your choices. If you could supply those then the 'core' subjects would fall into place.

Unfortunately 'Healthy Eating' has two polar meanings. People who truly want to know the truth will see it.

wa2un7Maintainer in reply to Tiggerr

I'm in Scotland and my daughter is a primary school teacher . Her school has a healthy eating agenda which is incorporated into lessons, projects, art, etc although it is not a lesson as such. They do not carry unhealthy items in their tuck shop . the curriculum is so packed it's very difficult to have it as a separate subject but perhaps that's how it should be, a built in part of life.🙂

Tiggerr15kg in reply to wa2un7

There you go... what do I know. That sounds great. I've opened a can of worms... nothing's easy in reality.

Dizzykate in reply to Concerned

It's strange because when my kids were young and I had a very healthy bmi I was very conscious of ensuring they had a healthy natural diet, I would be loath to serve up processed food or let them eat junk, but I did follow the low fat advice as that's what I thought was best - as they say 'every day is a school day'!

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Dizzykate

Every day is definitely a school day. Since changing my eating lifestyle, it's motivated me to listen more to other people's ideas.

Additionally, I now try and read books and articles about things that I would have never contemplated. To me, it's like waking from a fuzzy dream... which I know sounds a bit melodramatic but hey ho, that's what it is :)

Dizzykate in reply to Tiggerr

Yeh I'm definitely storing fat very effectively 😂

Funnily enough I was never one for lots of biscuits when younger but picked that habit up along the way, I have always loved crisps, chips, cheese and bread though - in large portions - I am still eating bread and cheese but in measured portion and not feeling to deprived so far!

This is the same in our house, it’s so unfair 😂 I feel your pain Dizzykate, honestly I do!

He looks so sheepish when he's telling me he's lost more weight than me - it's quite funny really 😂

xvanillaskyx4 stone in reply to Dizzykate

😂💪😬 mines decided to tell me he’s forgot to check his weight for the last two weeks, bless 😅


Oh I am with you there Dizzykate 😡. My hubby eats like a horse yet stays very slim. Seems so unfair doesn’t it.

But like you, I am slowly losing the weight, and more to the point, it seems to be staying off! We eat the same foods but I have about half the portion size of my hubby, with extra veggies 😊

Good luck!


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