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Good evening everyone.

Hope your all well.

Is anyone following a Low carb- high fat diet?

I have been doing lots of research about this way of eating and it seems the right thing for me. I was wondering if anyone else is doing it and if it is sustainable over a long period of time?

I have my blood results tomorrow and I’m sure they are all going to come back clear. Which is a good thing, in the sense of I’m healthy, but a bad thing as will be no closer to knowing why I am so awfully tired all the time.

I believe I have always had a problem with carbs and was thinking that trying the LCHF lifestyle could verify if I do have a problem with carbs.

Is it something that is doable on a budget and what types of foods are recommended.

Thank you in advance for any help. X

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Ceals3 stone

I eat that way Hidden and it is absolutely sustainable. Just need to get your head around it. A delicious way to eat and really suits me.

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How did you get started? I love my carbs but I think I need to cut them down drastically. Did you start with a meal plan or just go on it on your own?

I definitely try to eat this way, but others on here are more expert than myself. However, I do eat far less carbs than I did. Even a 'normal' balanced diet has surprisingly low carbs. Our perception of what a portion of carbs looks like is usually way off. Give it a try and measure by eye a portion of pasta or rice and then weigh it. If you are anything like me your portion will be miles over. Good luck with it. James

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Thank you James. Roughly how many carbs a day are you eating and is it working?

Sorry for all the questions

James40Cheshire9 stone in reply to Hidden

I try to eat no more than 40% of my calories from carbs. Plus I eat no white bread/white rice/white pasta and try to eat only low GI carbs. This has worked well for me so far. However, a word of caution - what works for me may not for you.

JiminyCricket2020 July in reply to James40Cheshire

That's so true. I 'test' myself every now and then and often over by a considerable amount.


Hi Our nats

I eat exactly that way, low carbs and full fat. It doesn’t mean you don’t eat carbs at all as most vegetables have carbs but you eat fruit and vegetables that have a low glaecemic index, you don’t eat refined flour so no bread unless it is dense with high fibre and no added sugar which tules out most manufactured bread

Only one or two small new potatoes and otherwise none

No white rice, small serving of brown rice or bulgar wheat rather than couscous

The 8 week blood sugar diet has a lot of useful information as to how to eat this way and explains which foods are best to keep your blood sugar level even,

I have plenty of energy and lost weight easily with no cravings. I haven’t felt so good for years

I also have full fat Greek yogourt as my treat with fruit ( low GI eg berries and grapefruit)

Also important to eat low sugar so no cakes biscuits etc

The book is cheap on Amazon or I expect you could borrow one from the library

Should not cost any more eating this way

Best wishes

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Thank you so much for all your advice. It’s really helpful to hear that it is working and I will take a look at the book you mentioned x


I am just starting the LCHF diet :)

So any advice accepted :)

Wishing you al the best on your journey Hidden

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And you cracker10. We can do this 😀

Hi Our-nats, I have been eating a low carb diet for a number of weeks now and it seems to be working well for me. At the moment I find it easier to eat the same thing for breakfast, have a couple of different lunches planned out and the do a meal plan for dinners for the week.

Breakfast: natural Greek yoghurt with berries and small handful of mixed nuts

Lunch: Usually soup with no potatoes or rice in (homemade or tinned whichever is easier at the time)

Dinner: Basically I have swapped any carbs I have to wholegrain and always weigh them and have swapped chips or wedges for sweet potato wedges.

I have also swapped semi skimmed milk for whole milk, margarine for butter and I use olive oil or coconut oil when cooking. Hope this helps, happy to share any meal ideas and I think you might find some very good ideas in the daily diary ☺️

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Thank you so much for the meal plan.

Mmm I can live on Greek yoghurt and berries. Will have to have that for my breakfast tomorrow. X


My way of eating is about 130g of low Gi carbs per day. The best carbs are whole oats, sweetcorn, bulgar wheat, barley, quinoa, sweet potato, peas, beans (from dry), lentils, whole milk, berries, citrus fruits, and vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, peppers, cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms...

Full-fat dairy, nuts, eggs, avocado, coconut, olive(s) oil, (grass-fed) fatty meat, fish, seafood, game and poultry, small portions of protein with more natural fat.

It is definitely sustainable; I've been eating this way for well over 5 years, and it was evolving for years before that.

You can get cheap vegetables from most supermarkets nowadays, and fatty meat tends to be cheaper. The classic truth is that, although some of the food does cost more, you don't eat as much. It is worth it for your health.

Unfortunately the cost of living is rising in this 'blame it on Brexit' climate, and it's hard to predict what changes will occur in the future.

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Thank you for all your advice and a good break down of foods recommended. X

ConcernedAmbassador in reply to Hidden

You're most welcome. I hope you enjoy your way forward!

Fizzylizzy135lbs in reply to Concerned

Hi Concerned is there a HU forum for LCHF folk?

ConcernedAmbassador in reply to Fizzylizzy13

There're two, but neither is used much.

Hi I'm doing the blood sugar diet,I've lost over 5 lbs in my first week.

Day 1 of second week today ,others on here are also doing the same .


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Thank you for the recommendation Gary.

Congrats on your loss, that’s a fantastic 1st week. Hope the diet continues working its wonders

gman19611lb in reply to Hidden


I had stayed the same for 3 weeks even after running and walking.

I decided that I would change things ,others on here do the blood sugar diet.

I have tried the military diet and the 5:2.

But 500 calories is a bit too low for me .

I have cut out bread ,pasta and rice .

Eating eggs ,fish and fruit along with porridge.chicken and the odd treat which I have to then run off.

Good luck to you with whatever you choose to do.


I have always avoided LCHF because I have a problem with digesting some fats and oils. However, as a T2 diabetic I needed to lower my carbs so I have cut down (not totally out) added sugars and processed foods and eating good fats, nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil etc. I'm like xvanillaskyx and have returned to whole milk (used butter for years) and I'm gradually losing weight in a healthy way. You don't have to go no carbs, just cut back a bit and go wholegrain. I make my own soda bread using Davina McCall's Seedy soda bread recipe and I eat whole grains.

Hopefully your blood results will come back clear but tiredness can be as a result of Vit B12 or Vit D deficiency or thyroid problems so I hope you were tested for that too. I'm B12 and D deficient and am on injections for my B12 deficiency and tablets for my Vit D issues, also I have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) which made me very sleepy all the time until I got my CPAP machine.

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Thank you for the reply and the advice.

I don’t think it will be to hard of a transition as I already only eat whole grain bread, pasta etc as found eating white bread made me bloated. Unfortunately even changing to wholegrain I’m having the same issues.

I have been tested for diabetes, thyroid, iron, b12 and Vit D levels and also having my kidney and liver function tested. They are also testing my blood to see if my cells are reproducing to quickly.

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant and the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy my liver function was all over the shop. I have had a diabetes test 3 Times since my little man was born and they have all come back clear.

Fingers crossed everything else is normal too.

Mmm I am a big fan of soda bread so might have to give that a go x

ceejayblue in reply to Hidden

Glad that the results all look ok. Davina's soda bread is lush! x

FGS01313st 7lbs

Greek yoghurt and berries are my breakfast of choice!

I aim for less than 100g of carbs each day and I realise this isn’t that strict compared to a lot of people but I calorie count too so it’s been working fine for me personally.

I very rarely crave things, and this is 2 and a half months in so it seems sustainable at least this far!

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I’m looking to start off between 130-150g so a moderate amount and see how my weight loss goes.

100g doesn’t sound scary so will lower it more if I can’t lose on 130g-150g.

Sounds like lowing carbs will help with cravings as well 😊

FGS01313st 7lbs in reply to Hidden

It’s not that difficult - today for example I had yoghurt and berries for breakfast, soup for lunch, a bag of quavers as a snack and then an m&s seafood linguine healthy ready meal with a special k fibre chocolate fudge brownie as dessert - that altogether was 99g so cutting it fine but even having pasta for dinner isn’t detrimental! I try to be better than that most days but today it was just wasn’t happening!

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