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Help needed!

Hi everyone first time posting, but I need help and inspiration. I'm a yoyo dieter for over 30 years and I need help. I'm 50 this month and have just started on HRT, after 3 years of hell and horrors. I'm 14stone 9 which I know is much too heavy for me, I'm 5ft5. I'm at weight watchers but I find weight loss groups very demoralising. I've started a gym which I really enjoy but I need further assistance there too.

Can anyone help me please?

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Hi and welcome Boreddieter

We are a friendly supportive bunch here all on our journey :)

I would like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, which we hope will be a good place for you to connect with members, who are also just starting out, or re-starting.

If you just post a few words on the October Newbie Club thread to introduce yourself and respond to others there you will soon feel part of the club.

Follow this link to the Newbie club: healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

Please read all the information carefully, it is very useful and can be referred to whenever you want to check something.

It just remains for me to wish you well on your journey



Hi Boreddieter,

Welcome, fellow yo-yoer :)

I'm the same height as you but started last Sunday at 17st 6lb, I also feel the same way about weight loss groups, I used to be at a Weight Watchers class but it just made me feel down. I'm not as organised as you and waited a good couple of years before joining on here, figured I could sort myself out (yeah, right...) and ended putting on a couple of stone (hence the rather large numbers... ;) )

I lurked on here for a couple of weeks reading peoples posts and enjoyed it, so finally shouted that I needed help last week...the people on here are amazing :) I'm sure you'll love it.

Can't really help with gym as I've not set foot in one for about 20 years lol, but as I understand it, the staff are usually really helpful - have you tried asking one of those for help with which stuff would be the best for boosting weight loss? Or is it motivation to go that's evading you? In which case there will be many on here that will give you a virtual kick up the butt if you want one ;)

I've not dealt massively with these boards but I'm pretty sure there will be one for gym bunnies such as yourself to help with the gym part, there's also a locating search thingy where you can search for people near you - maybe for a workout partner? Not been brave enough to try myself yet (but also can't afford the gym lol so I'm just using the school run - all up hill by the way ;) )

Sorry for long rambling post...but in short I've found the people on here to be awesome :) and good luck with your journey xx


Thanks for responding- it's a matter of developing a good habit of knowing how many times I need to go to the gym.

How are you getting on now?

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Pretty good actually, it's only been nearly a week, but I'm feeling a lot more confident :) and my main thing is to get my food under control first, with gentle exercise, then as I progress I'm going to do more exercise. The best piece of advice I got on one of my first posts was that you don't need to do everything all at once...I'm very guilty of being an all or nothing type of girl lol and once I fail (because I try to do too much at once) it's all over for me - that's the mentality I have to change...but anything, no matter how small, that you do better than you did last week is a massive achievement :D

What do you mean by 'need' to go to the gym? Do you mean to lose weight, tone up or to make it a habit to go?



Hello boreddieter! I know all about your journey; now 63y so done that!! HRT is wonderfully normalising once you get it sorted for your bod ... I have been using the nhs choices charts, my FitBit & decent scales along with this forum x it’s the 1st time in my life I’ve lost weight & kept it off without the help of RC, SW or WW!!! I’m now so confident I’m giving my baggy clothes away. I’m halfway on my journey but not in too much of a hurry ...!

Well done for loving the gym I used to love going but now we have a dog to walk!! I look forward to following your progress ...

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