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Hello there

I have been logging and reading everyone's entries, so much people doing so well! I have been walking loads as my little boy school is a bit 5 bus stops away. So we often go by bus but I would always come back walking. I also been suffering with tinnitis and what comes with it. The thing is I assuned I would lose a bit of weight. No!! I put on a kilo and on the top of that, I cant top eating bread. I feel stresed. Has it happened to anyone? Also , I am a bit of a loner, a part from hubby and kids, I dont socialise. Library, shops, that's it. That is why I may tend to snack Can anyone relate???

Thanks a lot!

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Morning nanouche95

Well done with all your walking that is a great way to start getting fitter. Have a look at the Daily Diary to see how members are planning their meals for the day as you may be eating more bread because your menu is not filling enough. Try cutting back on the bread by only having it on a few days and having Brown or wholemeal only. :)

I can relate to not having friends outside the family as I'm like that. Try filling up your day with routine on exercise and fun with the family. I spend every Monday with my daughters we have lunch and go for a long walk. I never feel lonely as I have plenty of things to keep me going. :)

Have a good week. :)


Weight loss is about 80% diet and only 20% exercise... so as well as the walking (which is great!) you'll need to examine what you are eating. For example, depending on what bread you eat, a slice is about 100-120 calories for a regular sliced loaf. And then there is what you are putting on it - 7g (same as a small butter pat like they have in hotels) is 51 calories.

Bread and processed carbohydrates are quite addictive - as they trigger cravings: telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrin...

I have found since I reduced eating bread, rice, pasta, potatoes... I find the weight loss easier as I don't feel as hungry! I have only about a stone to lose now, and I am very short (4ft 9") and sedentary (because of disability) so weight loss is made all the more difficult :(

Not being much of a socialite myself - I actually see that as a positive! Eating out and drinking makes it far more difficult to control your calorie intake.

Which brings me on to alcohol - are you much of a drinker? Wine, especially red is very calorific and many people don't see it as "food" - but half a bottle of red wine is over 300 calories.

By starting to examine how many calories you are eating (not just guessing, but weighing and logging accurately) will soon make it clear to you why you're not losing the weight.

If you wanted to give us a "typical days menu" it might help us to suggest where you could might some changes?

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Cravings are so hard to forget about, they nibble and nibble at your mind until you give in, or do something else to take your mind off it, but I do have one helpful tip.

A friend told me, that if your craving something sweet, brush your teeth, and the craving goes away, nothing tastes nice after tooth paste!

Don't worry that your not a social butterfly. If you want to be more social perhaps go to local sports centre and join in some classes, this will do 2 birds with 1 stone, get you moving more and get you into a group of other people. Me personally I like being left alone in the gym with music, I even listen to music when I swim (waterproof iPod and divers earphones) helps keep me motivated and concentrate on building up a real sweat, so don't worry if you don't want to be more social-able It's not a bad thing!

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This might help you:


It's gives you a method to conquer your cravings:


It's a lot like what I am trying to do, and it's helped me manage a lot of my cravings!


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