Cauliflower Rice and Tagliatelle Substitutes

Cauliflower Rice and Tagliatelle Substitutes

Just though I would share these items I discovered in Aldi's yesterday and plan to use to cut down my calories from rice and pasta. The "cauliflower rice" is basically cauliflower made into small grains so it looks like rice - but only about 42 calories a half pack (125g). I cooked this in the microwave for my lunch today with some leftover casserole from last night's dinner (containing canned tomatoes, onion and a bit of potato - which was the leftovers from a chicken casserole I had last night). Made a tasty and filling lunch for very few calories :)

Seemed a good healthy low-cal alternative to me so I thought I would share it.

Also bought some spiralised butternut squash - plan to try this as a tagliatelle substitute for my dinner tonight (I like butternut squash!). Only 39 cals per 100g or 49 cals per half pack (125g). Will let you know how that one goes. Not sure what I will use the spiralised carrots for yet. A sort of coleslaw but made with lemon juice instead of mayo? Suggestions welcome :)


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20 Replies

  • I haven't eaten pasta, or rice for a couple of years now, ArgyllGirl and have my own spiraliser. I prefer the flavour of veggies and they can be used in any meal.

    I use a mixture of different veg together, so happily have spiralised courgette, carrot and butternut squash and I make my own cauli rice.

    I make my own mayo as well. All good healthy ingredients and no added sugar :)

  • I'm a lazy cook, so like the convenience of preprepared when I in a rush, but I must go online and look for a spiraliser. How did you make the cauliflower rice? With a knife, or grater or something?

  • If you've got a food processor, or liquidiser, then pulse it to fine 'rice-like' appearance, or grate, which is slow and messy, or just roast the florets, which is just as delicious and much easier :)

    Be careful, spiralisers do require a lot of washing up and aren't very convenient, if you're not using them a lot. If you have a food processor, you can spiralise with some of those.

  • Must dig out the food processor and see what it can do. My late husband used to use it (he was the cook!) but since he passed away it has just been a kitchen ornament. I will dust it off and give it a try!

  • Good for you!! You'll be able to make your own mayo too :)

  • I have a handheld julienne peeler like this: and like moreless, I rarely eat pasta or rice. I love the "crunch" of courgetti.

    Another thing I've tried recently are butternut squash slices (used instead of lasagne). I also buy a butternut squash, cut it into cubes and roast in the oven with a little olive oil - really tasty!

  • I LOVE roasted butternut squash! :)

  • The hairy dieters also have a lasagne made with leeks instead of pasta. I keep meaning to try it, but haven't managed to as yet! :)

  • They look great..but i cant stand the taste..i really thing i have found out from joining the nhs diet..i have,nt been eating enough calories..good luck.xx

  • That's a shame, Yvonne-lesley-49, I love them.

    It's a common mistake to eat too little, why not join our Newbie Club, for extra support?

    You'll find directions to our Daily Diary, where you can get lots of menu ideas :)

  • thank you..i,ll take a look

  • I bought something similar from Tesco earlier in the week - carrot spaghetti and rainbow vegetable cous cous. I mixed the carrot spag with normal spaghetti when I made a veggie bolognese - it was ok but I'm not sure I'd buy it again, maybe if I changed the ratio so there was a bit more spaghetti and a bit less carrot it would have been nicer. Was definitely better than the courgette spaghetti I tried previously which turned into tasteless mush. I haven't tried the butternut squash version, it'll be interesting to know how that turns out.

    Haven't had a chance to try the veggie cous cous yet, and since they gave me one with a low date I'm iffy if I'll be able to eat it before it goes off. I'm planning to either have it with salmon and broccoli.

    Does the cauliflower rice taste nice or is it just good for bulk? I like normal cauliflower but haven't tried it as a rice substitute.

  • Like the idea of the rainbow vegetable cous cous. Must try that.

    The cauli rice tasted fine, but as I had it with the leftover casserole (canned tomatoes, onion, potato) the main taste was from that, but the cauli rice bulked it up into a decent portion size and made the plate look quite full.

  • Ah yea, that's always the trick. I've started adding grated carrot into a lot of my cooking to make it bulkier whilst adding very little calorie wise.

  • I add runner beans sliced lengthways (e.g. Krisca slicer) in with spaghetti and thinly sliced cabbage to bulk it out as these don't tend to disintegrate when cooked and have a bit of flavour. I'm having a fair bit of the runner beans at the moment!

  • Has anyone tried making lasagna with courgette sheets instead of pasta? I've heard that's nice.

  • Aldi do a yogurt coleslaw..i bought some the other was lovely.

  • I have started making coleslaw with greek yogurt instead of most of the mayo. I also add in a tablespoon or so of cider or wine vinegar as well to give it that kick that my husband prefers.

  • Thanks for sharing. I've a spiralizer but it's hard to make spirals from butternut squash so I'll be buying that in Aldi.

    The spiralized carrots are fab in salad.

    Grate over a little ginger and sprinkle some pumpkin seeds.. yum!!

  • Thanks 13Valerie. Will try that with the carrots. Particularly like the idea of the pumpkin seeds.

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