Forever on a diet and getting no where

Hi, I'm new and feel like joining this is my last resort. I have an underactive thyroid which I take medication for and am currently 2.5 stone overweight. My parents had type 2 diabetes as did my grandparents so I know I'm heading that way.

I've tried slimming World, weight watchers, 5:2 diet and have spent the last 3 years calorie counting with my fitness pal. I can't stick to my calories for more than 3 days or so. I've literally just binged today on cake & crisps, pizza and sweets.

I've been doctors (they're not particularly interested). I have Sat in my mum's dietician meetings and know exactly what I should be eating. I just can't seem to do it long term. I don't know why. My weight is driving me mad... So fed up with everything


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  • Hello and welcome Amanda36 😊

    You have come to exactly the right place for support and encouragement on your weight loss journey. If calorie counting is leading to cravings and bingeing I suspect the calorie target was too low. This was my own experience too, I'd lose weight at first but eventually the hunger would get the better of me. This time I am following a much more generous calorie allowance, I eat all my favourite foods and have a treat now and then, result is 3 stone off, and kept off for over a year.

    So please check your own calorie target here

    I would also like to welcome you to,join our September Newbie Club here

    Read all the information carefully and then write something on the post somother September newbies will get to know you 😊

    Best wishes


  • Welcome to this forum Amanda36! You are in the right place and will definitely learn a lot by reading regularly the posts from the members. Despite your health challenge, seek to eat the foods you enjoy from what's recommended by your doctors.

    You have followed restrictive diets in the past and the challenge is that they can't be sustained in the long run as a lifestyle. Just keep to simple, clean, healthy and satiating meals that will help reduce food cravings. Eat what you can sustain for the long haul.

    Try and plan your meals in advance and better still prep them so that you always have something that you can reach to quickly to avoid or reduce binging.

    You can do it, it's all possible! All the very best in your journey.

  • Hi and welcome - please take the time to read the link Anna61 has given you

    I am going to play bad cop here - so apologies - BUT DO NOT think of this as a diet but a new healthier life style :)

    I for one do not lose weight every week due to stuff going on and reverting to old habits - however on those weeks if I have maintained I am over the world ;)

    I still eat pizza on occasions and cheese (ok sometimes I binge on cheese, my downfall :) ) But the main thing is I know I have done wrong and I get back on track the next day - I am not perfect and habits are hard to change :)

    Take it one step at a time and just do your best to change your whole life style of food :)

    Wishing you all the best on your journey :)

    So far I have lost 19lbs (I am stuck at the mo, but that is due to not focusing, so back to it tonight;) )

  • This site is great for maintaining your focus, if you stay 'plugged in'. That is, reading people's posts and replying.

    The weekly weigh-ins help maintain focus as does the Daily Diary, where we post what we're going to eat throughout the following day. The DD is also a good way to get new ideas from other's posts.

    Good luck!

  • I'd just like to agree with the previous posts Amanda36. For me Keeping a Daily Diary and posting it on here is the best way to keep you focused and accountable. Also eat at the higher range of the calories recommended for your BMI as eating too few can send your body into starvation mode and will store more fat. Counting calories allows you to eat all the foods you love without depriving yourself.

    Wishing all the best on your journey.

  • You can do something about it. I was diagnosed with pre diabetes and bought and read and followed Dr Michael Moseleys 8 week blood sugar diet. He explains the science of why we crave food and how to diet to return blood sugar levels to normal, he speaks from experience as he followed this diet( which has been clinically proved to work ) and reversed his type 2 diagnosis. He has kept the weight off and his blood sugar normal since. It worked for me too, I have lost 12 kg and blood sugar is now normal. It is an inspirational book and can be bought cheaply on Amazon

    I really think it's worth reading and giving it a try

    Best wishes

  • You can do it here!! Just jump in the weigh ins and challenges and enjoy the ride!

  • Thank you all for your support and information, I have taken it all on board. I am going to try my hardest. I feel absolutely shattered today (and a little depressed if I'm honest). So even though I don't particularly feel like it, I'm going to force myself out for a walk. (can't run, bad hip).

    I am today 12 stone 4lbs and need to lose 2 stone. (I was 12 stone 2 before the binge). I'll give it a good try, let's see if I can get past day 4

    Thank you again!! ☺ xx

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