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I have a knee problem and desperately trying to get below 89.7kg. I eat a lot of fish and some vegetables. I have already been on an healthy eating plan at my local surgery, but am stuck on weight. Not very mobile at the moment, I am on crutches to enable me to walk any distance, retired and single, lost Mum in 2014. I try to get out most days and also do physiotherapy for knee. I am under consultant at RJAH hospital at Oswestry and just waiting to go for results of recent MRI scan.

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Hello Under-orders and welcome to the forum 😊

It's very frustrating when our efforts aren't rewarded at the scales, but if you have halted the weight gain that is one success. You are also eating healthily which is good, so perhaps your next step watching portion size?

Here is a link to the September Newbie Club


Please read all the information as it tells you how to navigate the forum as well as links to the 12 week plan and other useful and helpful information about the forum, 😊

Best wishes


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Thank you so much for rescuing me from weight hell


Thank you for your support


Tuesday weigh in. 87.4kg


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