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Getting there

Getting there

Weight still coming off, I'm aiming to get down to 210 lbs this month and aiming to end the year on 200 lbs or below.

I've given up alcohol for 5 months now and the craving have stopped and I do feel much better for it.

I'm eating around 1700 calories a day which should give me a 2 lbs weight loss a week but I'm lucky if I get a 0.5 lbs loss.

I may need to up my activity level to increase my weight loss.

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You could reduce your calories by 50 and see if that helps too :)

Are you remembering to measure yourself as with all that exercise you will be gaining muscle which weighs ;)

Congratulations on the 5 months off alcohol :)

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That's a great graph - shows your progress really well - Congratulations on what you've achieved, and wishing you ongoing success with your remaining goals.

Zest :-)


You've done really well

Keep at it and you will reap the rewards


I disagree goragon i think you need to eat more


Over 2000 at least 😊


Was just about to throw my twopenneth in. I think you need to up your cals as well. My lower limit is 1900 cals and I'm about 4 inches shorter than you, in height.


Keep going!! You're doing great!!!


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