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Hi Susie54 - thanks for the advice on Fitbits. I don't have a Fitbit at present - I just use a cheap clip-on step counter off Amazon. It seems to work ok for the most part, but I notice if it is not upright (e.g. if it is lying flat in my pocket) then it doesnt record, so now I make sure it is clipped onto my waistband.

I also found an Samsung Health App on my phone (didn't know it was there - it just popped up when I started looking for phone step counters !). I really like it now as it has lots of optional features - I use the weight recorder, the calorie/meal recorder, and now plan to use the step app on it too, to cross check the clip on one ! The calorie recorder feature is particularly useful, as it means I dont have to use a pen and paper to keep track, and I always have my phone with me so there is no excuse for recording what I eat immediately (so I dont forget things!)

Managed my 10,000 steps yesterday again, and an down in weight again today, so going well !

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Well done you, 10,000 steps I find quite a challenge.. It's great when you reach it though!! Have a great Sunday 👟👟


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