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Good morning all

Well its Thursday and to me the week seems to have gone so fast The weather is looking a bit drier today so I shall take my dog Toffee for a long walk then maybe a "potter" in the garden My conservatory and kitchen cupboards had a good clear out yesterday to keep myself busy but Im still finding the evenings a problem I sit down to watch tv and go to reach for a biscuit with my coffee Ive tried fruit but it doesn't go with a hot drink Any ideas would be welcomed ! Hope you all have a good day

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Enjoy your walk with Toffee :)

As for evenings I can't help as I tend to fill up on the evening meal so I don't snack and then I don't drink hot drinks in the evenings either

You can still allocate a couple of biscuits in your daily allowance to have in the evening :)

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Morning Milliemay1

Sounds like a lovely day planned, love your dogs name Toffee. It's brilliant how we all end up spring cleaning the house just to keep ourselves busy and food off our minds but it is a really good distraction and we all get lovely sparkling houses at the end! lol In the evening I tend to knit or Crochet to keep busy while watching the tele.

Have a lovely day.


What about a bowl of cooked apple and sultanas or similar? Would hot fruit go with coffee? Or have a peppermint tea or fruit tea instead of coffee. You might sleep better? Good luck.

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