Week 10

So i'm at week 10 - hoorah. Last week was mine and my other half week off together for the year and despite him trying to take me out to dinner every single day of week 9 I managed to do all my exercise for the week, my couch to 5k week 7 podcasts and not put on a single pound in weight. Now this is all very good I know, don't get me wrong i'm not taking it for granted but it made me realise - 10 weeks ago all I wanted was to get to week 9 and then pig out in my birthday week and to reward myself with all the yummy things I had not eaten without feeling guilty and not make one move in the way of exercise - in reality I couldn't do it - I had to count calories and I had to exercise! I don't know what the NHS has done to me in 10 weeks but suddenly i'm googling more exercise and work out plans for after the 12 weeks and planning what my next challenge will be. 25 pounds down so far and still the same to lose again according to the BMI calculator but hey I'm getting there. :)


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6 Replies

  • Brilliant, good for you Determined44 :)

    Keep going, you can do this and well done on your weight loss so far :)

  • Wow!!! You've done a great job! You should be so proud!!!

  • Well done you - It's amazing isn't it how this healthy way of living gets a grip on you :)

    Congratulations on your weight loss so far and wishing you all the best for the next 25lbs :)

  • great new's your doing really well all the best for your last two weeks

  • Just because your 12 weeks finishes doesn't mean you have to leave here or do much else, you probably are aware of this but I just thought you felt like you have to do a different diet. Just do similar to what you are doing, bits of exercise, even if it is the same, eating the same types and counting your calories and re-checking them occasionally. That's what most of us do and I will do this sort of thing now for life I expect, it is mainly getting us understanding the best things for us to do for the future as well as for now and how to continue to be able to not put the weight back on too easily and what is best for our health. It is a great plan though isn't it. Good luck.

  • Well done on your journey thus far! losing 25 pounds is definitely no mean feat. All the very best for the weeks ahead.

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