Communing With Nature Mini Challenge Entry :-)

Communing With Nature Mini Challenge Entry :-)

Hi Tiggerr and Everyone,

Here is my entry for the 'Communing with Nature Challenge' - and I am literally 'Communing with Nature' - which I think is an 'activity' in itself - I have just been for a walk and during that walk, I tried to be mindful of Nature, and interact with it a bit - hence hugging the tree a little - and photographing some of the beautiful flowers, berries, and I also spotted a Pheasant in a field as well.

Thanks for this Challenge, as I REALLY enjoyed my walk so much more - I noticed many more things than I usually would, and really appreciated the beauties of Nature.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's entries - it's a great Challenge, and very uplifting.

Zest :-)


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8 Replies

  • What beautiful photos👏👏

  • Thanks wa2un7 - it was such a lovely evening last night. Perfect to take a few photos. :-)

  • Fantastic entry and so glad you enjoyed the walk so much more :)

    You look beautiful and so happy Zest

  • Aww, you made me blush, blackbeauty99 - thanks for your lovely words, and yes, I felt very happy last night - that walk was relaxing, fun and I really enjoyed 'Communing with Nature'.

    Hope you're having a good week.

    Zest :-) xxx

  • Lovely photos and a great reminder of what's around us. I reckon moreless will totally agree and the tree hugging surely puts it into the 500 category :)

  • Hi Tiggerr,

    Thank you so much!

    I really enjoyed the Challenge - thanks again.

    Zest :-)

  • That's so lovely! I photographed some flowers last week on my daily circuit.

    I'll see if I can upload them!

  • Thanks :-) I'll look forward to seeing your entry - with those flowers you photographed. :-)

    Zest :-)

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