Don't panic it's the weekend!!!

Well this is my first Saturday on the plan. Started the day with a slice of toast with peanut butter and some tuti fruiti grapes( discovered them in M&S yesterday. Really nice).spending the day with my daughter. Having a carvery lunchtime,will fill plate with plenty of veg.lean meat and just a couple of roast potatoes. Then going for a long walk. Will be a challenge not to buy usual chocolate treats for Saturday night that has become a habit.happy Saturday all ......Pamela


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11 Replies

  • Don't worry, Rexy, you'll get used to weekends, after all, there's one every week! ;)

    I'm sure you'll absolutely nail your first! :)

  • Thanks. Just need to break the it's the weekend eat everything in sight habit!!!!!

  • LOL! We're all with you on that one! :)

  • Here's to forming new habits! Maybe make saturday magazine day, I used to get a magazine every saturday with my weekly shopping as a wee treat! Just a suggestion. Enjoy the carvery and im sure ul be proud to get through your first Sat!

  • Hi.that's a good idea. Need distractions! Thank you. Have a good day to

  • Hi happybeee

    I like the idea of a Saturday magazine, onwards and downwards

    Rosie 😊

  • Hi Rexy0000

    Good idea to be planning in your mind what to have at the carvery!

    Best of luck for a great weigh-in!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  • Hi.thanks. you have a good weekend to

  • We can help you. Weekends are better for me since I tend to get all my calories in instead of missing meals at work. Good luck to you. No chocolate!!! Be strong.

  • Thank far so good.yesterday went well, no chocolate!!!!!!

  • well done on a good Saturday. One more day of the weekend. I feel your struggles, you are defo not alone on this one!

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