Feeling euphoric

So long story short - I used to be a runner, not fast, not elegant just an average sort of runner. I stopped running about 3 years ago due to ill health (enduring mental health issue) and piled on up to 30kg. ☹️☹️☹️

Three weeks ago I took the plunge and joined the 12 week NHS Weight Loss program. Thanks to all the support and advice I have received, today I did my first walk / jog combo and managed to do 3k - the time was slow but I came back out of breathe, perspiring heavily and bright red - and I feel FANTASTIC 😀😀😀

The point of the post ??? I don't think I could have done it without the positivity I have found on this forum - I hope every newbie that joins gets the same benefits and feels the love too 💕💕 xx


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16 Replies

  • That's fantastic, Sun-seeker! I'm so glad you've managed to re-connect with something you love doing. :)

    Congratulations! And here's to the many more KMs to come. :D

  • Thank you 😊 - it's so good to get encouragement and support. Hope your week a great one xx

  • Congratualtions Sun_seeker - I'm just getting back into running after an injury and losing the habit for a while, so I know how joyous it feels to be getting back into it again :-) :-)

    Have you thought about joining this weekly thread ?


  • Thank you lucca10 for the link to the T&H forum. I'm definitely in the tortoise section (even when I was running 🏃 3 to 4 times a week). So without any prevarication (I'm a master at that) I'm going to join and give it a go 👍 😀😀 x

  • That's great - see you in there :-) :-)

  • Good for you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  • Thank you Melhall

    I hope 🤞 you have had a good, positive day too 😊😊

  • Great news Sun_seeker 😊 I can feel your joy!

  • Thank you Anna61

    It's 6pm and I'm still super smiley 😊 - I am so grateful for all the support and advice on here 👍👍

  • Wow, lovely positive post! It sounds as though you will soon be back to where you once were with your running! Keep it up!

  • Thank you Pineapple27

    I must admit I'm still on a high and it made me remember how much I loved running xx

  • Go newbie , you are fantastic💟 well done!! Remember that feeling... it'll keep you going on many a day 😊

  • Thank you 13Valerie - must admit I'm still on a high and smiling from 👂 ear to ear 👂

    Hope your day is going well and you are getting plenty of support on here 😀😀

  • Well done, Sun_seeker, that's another huge step back to health and fitness for you. moreless will be so pleased to have another tortoise in there to keep her company. I was in there for a little while (starting the excellent Couch to 5k running program). But my dodgy knees played up so I am doing knee strengthening exercises before trying again. Good luck!

  • Thank you Brea , it's so lovely to get support (though I can say my partner, Stuart, is very supportive) from others in the same boat as you.

    I hope 🤞 your knee exercises are going well and you hopefully you will be able to get back running 🏃‍♀️ soon 😀😀😀

  • Great! Keep enjoying the running and everything else. What a motivationg post to read on a Friday morning! All the best.

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