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1lb gain :(

Hello all, I did not have a very successful week last week unfortunately and have gained a pound. At the start of the week I went to the theatre with my partner and his family and we ended up going to McDonalds before hand which took me over my calories for that day by 600. On Wednesday of last week me and my partner had a night in together ordering Chinese which took me over once more and from then on I haven't really been counting due to being a bit poorly towards the end of the week. I did next to no exercise and therefore have still not made any more progress on my couch to 5k from my first run 2 weeks ago and I'm feeling a bit rubbish. But nobody is perfect and having my first slight gain at week 4 of NHS plan I think isn't too bad. I just have to pick myself back up and do much better next week - which I will! :) I hope everyone else has had more of a successful week,best wishes :)

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Not to worry, Mon, put it behind you and move on :)

Why not get involved a bit more, to see if that motivate and inspires you. I highly recommend the weigh-in's, Daily Diary and challenges. You could also join the Tortoise and Hare Running Club, to see if that would help you get going with the C25K :)

Here's to a better week :)


Thank you very much moreless, I was considering the happiness challenge :)

M x

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Today is a new day forget about last week and look forward to this one. Good luck


Thank you very much

M x


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