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Confused about calorie allowance


Hi all, I'm a bit confused about how to calculate my daily calorie allowance. I'm 5' 6" with a starting weight of 11st 7lb. I'm on the 6th week of the 12-week plan and lost 10lbs in the first 4 weeks by sticking to 1400 calories a day, swimming 3 x a week and doing some weights on top of the usual daily dog walks. Over the past two weeks I haven't lost any more weight (or inches). Now that I'm just within the healthy BMI range I can't see what my calorie allowance should be on the NHS website. I'd still like to lose a bit more (for my wedding in May next year) so was wondering whether I should reduce my daily calories now that I've lost some weight? Any advice welcome!

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Once you get to healthy BMI, the NHS BMI calculator stops advising weight loss, jle36. You might like to find another calculator, such as this one?

Well done for your success so far and good luck for the future :)

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to moreless

That's a really good website 😊

Silverbucks in reply to moreless

Thank you for the link. Have checked mine and I need to increase my calories a bit. Will try for this week by adding a small amount of protein and vegetables. My weight has been "stuck" for some time now.


I wouldn't cut calories any lower jle36

Dont forget there are other measures apart from the scales 😊 You have 10 months so a combination of exercise and eating properly should do the trick 😊

Thanks both - that's reassuring and the website is very helpful :)


Good job so far!!!! I found out my maintenance calories but what is it if I want to lose. I'm 5'5 and weigh 177.

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