Bad day

It was (is?) a bad day for me. I lost my control, and eat whole pack of cookies (or at least what was left - 6 crunchy ginger cookies from FreeFrom by Sainsbury's), over 500 kcal :( My smoothie went back so quickly ;( and I was hungry. It was comfort eating. Too many small, unexpected things 'attacked' me that day. I am heading home with intention to be back on track. No exercises today though (first day of my period - crap).

I've learnt: do NOT prepare earlier smoothie with pineapple, just drink it straight away! I need to find different smoothie to take to work.

Tomorrow is another day :) and I will make it better!


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8 Replies

  • like you said tomorrow is a new day ... one day does not break the whole week ..... :)

  • It won't break my week. Just this day ;) I gave up on this Tuesday.

  • Hi Iga, don't panic! I suspect you got an attack of the munchies, because it's your totm. It happens to most women. One small hiccup is not the end of the world and you can get back on track :)

  • I got it and survived yesterday. Today was emotions at work followed by bad night that I couldn't sleep.

    Tomorrow will be better, tomorrow I'll be back on green and healthy and veggie and delicious and running (I think) ;)

  • Why not eat the fruit instead of blending it? It takes much longer to consume, your brain gets the message that you have eaten (rather than just had a drink) and you feel full for longer. 😊

  • With fruits - sure. I'm doing smoothies to increase my vegetable consumption - especially greens, as I don't like them so much. So my smoothies are usually spinach (this week I'm trying kale) with avocado, plus some other ingredients to make it more tasty :P

  • I've also eaten too many biscuits and chocolate today as I look after grandchild on Tuesdays and if he's eating them I cannot resist. Its only one day a week and I'll be OK tomorrow.

  • I already made myself a salad and smoothie to take to work. And I prepared salad for tomorrow's fish :)

    I hope I will feel better and go out running.

    Have a good night and let's start the day strong ;)

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