So last night i popped to Tesco and filled the basket with vegetables. This morning i have just chopped them up and put them all together in a bowl with some balsamic, salt, pepper and chilli. I need to buy a lemon today. I have freshly chopped vegetable kebabs to make tonight. My lifestyle used to be different which i think this is why i have been reaching for the easy foods. Just a little thought and preparation before hand i can still have nice fresh food to eat. Lets see if i can make this a new habit :)


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7 Replies

  • Fantastic, emma-louise, you're doing so well! So many changes, in such a short time. Enjoy the new you :)

  • They sound really tasty, doesn't posting/reading on here help ! Ideas and inspiration thanks emma-louise 🌼

  • Sounds lovely. Don't forget your protein though as this will fill you up for longer.

  • You will start to really enjoy the challenge of cooking fresh tasty meals 😊 Well done and I hope you enjoy your kebabs 😊

  • Great on you for taking the first move. I am post liver transplant and do have to watch what I eat, I do the same with al sorts of vegetables as well, I keep them in a covered bowl in the fridge some times adding beans, fresh herbs etc. I only add vinegar seasoning and spices as I use some of it to stop going soggy. I make burgers and like using all forms of pulses and spices using potato and such to bind them. Pulses I try as much as possible to buy dry as its a lot better value for money, I tend to make my own mayo and sauces due to post transplant diet but find it so so exciting trying new ways and using recipes as a guide for what my imagination feels like doing. wish you all the best.

  • oooo i love pulses too, red lentils are my fav at the moment. I am also a fan of using food storers in the fridge. Items look so much nicer and clean. Post liver transplant!!?-Amazing!! I hope your feeling well?!!xxxx

  • Hi, yea I am just coming up to 13 maths post transplant and feeling great and so thankful to everyone . Yea containers al way look good and keep things sealed. I just find all the new avenues in experimenting with the different ingredients.i do find now a lot of things I used to enjoy I don't fancy at all anymore.

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