2nd day diet (Feeling energetic after diet changing )

Hello today I consumed total calorie = 1600 Kcal

In breakfast : 2 sliced wholegrain bread , 3 orange , tomato , cucumber ,1 Boiled egg

In lunch : 1 Boiled egg, 1 banana , 2 sliced wholegrain bread , 1 Apple , cucumber and tomato

Dinner : 3 chappati , soup made of i) split yellow peas (50gm) ii) 1 tomato iii) 1 spoon sunflower oil iv) garden peas (100gm)

And before slip : 300ml boiled milk without sugar


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17 Replies

  • Thats great especially have more energy, thats a boost I've noticed too.

  • Hello, Ravi, my calculation puts you at nearer 1500 calories, which I believe to be too low for you.

    What is the calorie range given to you on the NHS BMI calculator?

    Although this menu plan is better than yesterday's, it still doesn't offer enough variety and not enough vegetables and is still mainly carbohydrate.

    How about adding cauliflower, egg plant, broccoli, spinach, okra, carrots, green beans, yams, bell peppers, bandh gobi and any other vegetables that you like.

    You could also add nuts, cottage cheese and chickpeas.

    If you join our Daily Diary, you can get some good ideas from other people :)

  • It showing 2100 to 2400 in BMI calculator but to reduce weight I set myself target about 1500 kcal to 1800 kcal. maximum.

  • No Ravi, you shouldn't go lower than 2100 calories, or you'll have problems in the future! Read this for more details


  • Well I used fitness Pal website and they told me in order to maintain 0.5 KG weight loss per week. I Have to be in 1500 Kcal to 1700 Kcal. But I can include more fruits options with vegitables

  • Please don't be guided by mfp, weight loss can't be guaranteed and if you wan't a sustainable weight loss, that can be maintained, you would be better being guided by the NHS BMI calculator.

    Don't add more fruit, as they have a high sugar content, you're already eating more than enough. It's more vegetables that you're needing.

    Please have a look at the menu plans on the Daily Diary, for inspiration.

  • Thanks I will have a look

  • I heard that better to have less calorie than given accommodation. Hence as per my plan I did this. If recommendation is 2100 Kcal of BMI then how can I reduce the weight if I not maintain the calorie below 2100 Kcal ?

  • As long as you stay below 2400 cals, you will lose weight. If you reduce your calories too much, your body will go into starvation mode and hang onto it's fat reserves!

    I can't remember if I gave you this before, but you need to read it!


  • Aye, I read it already and hence according to that I change my calorie consumptions. Before My target was 1400 -1500 Kcal and now after reading this and doing my own search. I increased my target of 1800 Kcal. As per BMi I supposed to have minimum 2100 Kcal. So my calorie target is below the BMi threshold level.

  • Don't forget, that at the beginning of your journey, it will be easier for you to lose weight, so eat the higher amount, while you can.

    As you lose weight, your calorie allowance will reduce, so that's the time to lower it, not now :)

  • Kindly give your feedback on my 4th day diet menu. I included some more vegetables there in post.

  • I certainly will, Ravi :)

  • I just started my diet .I m going to include all those vegitable in coming days. I mean each day different vegetable option. Thanks for this anyway :)

  • You should be including 5 different vegetables every day, Ravi!

  • Hi are you counting KJ rather than calories - as this could be where you are going wrong

  • NO i am counting Kcal not KJ

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