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This week I have been very keen on watching my calories though I allways have a food dairy & my fit bit is a big help knowing how much I am consuming & burning off, not sure whether to weigh myself now or wait till day before i go on hols beginning of june. last weigh in I was 65kg have been for ages that's why I stopped weighing myself it was getting to me whatever I did weight did not change. Today I did park run 45mins knocked 10 seconds off (yippee) it was hard though my legs were killing me I have started to take magnesium for cramps lets see if that helps I stopped having salt in my diet because I had an heart attack in 2003 just don't know why i have bad cramp in my legs, seeing physio thursday also dr maybe my magnesium level needs checking I don't want to give up on my park runs I am determined to beat it. fed up!!

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Hi kbed

I weigh myself twice a week as it helps to keep me on track and adjust my calories if needed. Maybe try weighing once a fortnight if you don't want to weigh weekly. Well done on your run today you did brilliant knocking 10 seconds off your record.


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