week 1 of my 'reboot' done.. hooray !

last week i posted that i was going back to basics to try and kick start my weight loss again...

i started my journey to a healthy lifestyle in Dec and started at 19st.. last week i weighed 17st 7.5lbs..... today i weigh 17st 3lbs... 4.5lbs lost this week !

What did i do different this week ??..

.. i have planned every night this week exactly what i was going to eat and what exercise i would do and walked more.. i always do lots of exercise (spin/circuit/weights) but this doesnt show on fitbit... but my fitbit friends will have noticed more steps this week for me too as ive made more effort to walk more.

I have vastly reduced my carb intake too this week but filled up on protein and healthy fats and never felt hungry..

Im going to continue logging in the daily diary and i cant recommend it enough to any newbies or anyone stuck as its really helped me this week to plan.

have a lovely weekend all xx


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14 Replies

  • Well done!!! 🌟 You are really determined and reflective and you derserve that rest loss. Size 16 clothes and getting into the 16s on the scale are calling you over. Go, go, go! Xx

  • thanks thanks thanks xx x i really need new clothes now but not buying any yet... a new belt to keep my jeans up is needed tho !

  • Well done Claz, what an achievement. I think you are marvellous at doing it yourselve, I have always gone to slimming classes, Slimming World at the moment,but determined to succeed. You keep going and keep your mind focused you get a gold star from me xx

  • thanks Liz.... this is the 1st time ive ever done it on my own.. ive tried all the slimming clubs and lost weight but never lasted.. ive got a different mindset this time i think and im not relying on anyone to weigh me anymore and im taking responsibilty for myself .. it seems to be working x

  • You have won this battle Claz you should be proud you kicked on it's bum 😀🏅

  • thanks nic... just got to keep going now and eat the same sort of foods this week... to get into the 16s will be a massive boost for me !

  • I know 😀 But remember you are not working on a timetable you will get in the 16s and it will be a boost and you will work hard to get there but there is no schedule 😀

  • yeah.. im in it for the long haul this time and ive a long term goal.. but ideally i would like to be seeing the 14's by end of 2017..

  • Well done Claire shows what a little focus can achieve - must Learn to do the same! X

  • you are doing great Gill and you have really upped your steps recently... but def recommend planning more x

  • In fact Claz you've practically lost 2 stone! That's brilliant.

  • i know...im sooooooo close now to getting it... i see you have your 2 stone badge now too.. well done you x

  • Clinging on to it by the skin of my teeth after a disastrous day yesterday. May have to give it back next Friday😦

  • im sure you will get back ontrack before your next weighin to keep it x

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