Not such a good week

My last post, I was buzzing. Things had gone so well. A really intense time at work, preparing for an important job interview and then undergoing day of job trials and interviews. In the preparation I focussed on staying healthy by eating and sleeping well, starting day with 10-20 mins of yoga, and getting on with work. Then the Job interview was done and I'm in that limbo before the results are known (no news before administration agree decision of committee later this week). Then a two-day conférence with all the unhealthy eating and drinking involved with that - but happy and sociable. Then a two-day migraine from the low-pressure weather system and then general lethargy and disconsolate. This week I've slipped back onto the products with refined sugar, and my brain cells have rediscovered the trigger - and it is indeed making me eat more generally, procrastinate, less energy so little exercise, and returning to bad sleep patterns. I've been eating things that were among my stores for ages (chocolates I received on my birthday a month ago, ice cream in the freezer that I bought for a lunch party 6 months ago). By my reckoning it will take my brain three to four weeks to readjust again, but I have to do it. So today is the day I take back control. I weighed myself on Wednesday and I had put on 1 kilo. But that will come off again. Just registered for my Saturday morning yoga class starting in a couple of hours and then I'll get some healthy veg from the market. I'll get back on track.


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6 Replies

  • Sounds like you know exactly what to do

  • Like Kath just said, you've gone through a trough and now you're back "on it".

    You mentioned a number of triggers that may have led you off the beaten track. It might be worth trying to form a plan to defend against them in future.

    Great that you sound so positive. Good luck!

  • Well done climbing back on the wagon GuinevereBlueEyes 😊 It's never easy but we all have these blips.

    Onwards and downwards

  • That limbo time is awful, hope they don't keep you waiting for too long. Sounds like you need to get the high sugar stuff out of the house, will power can only keep you going for a while. Sorry you have to do the sugar out of your system thing again, it is grim but worth it in the end, I've done it twice now and determined not to have to do it again, good luck 😀

  • You will get back and perhaps if you have depleted your stores you can leave it that way

    Conferences and seminars are hard can you get out for a bit of fresh air and escape the temptations of the morning tea

    I try to look at anything sweet not in terms of calories quite but in terms of how long I will need to walk to use it up

    So a three hour slice of cake

    I usually find it possible to leave it on the plate then

  • Thanks for all your replies. Day 1 of getting back on track was pretty much successful. 🙂🌷☀️

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