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Hit the Road ... Weight Loss

Hit the Road ... Weight Loss

My grandad, like my father and myself, was called John. Incidentally so was his dad, and his dad, etc. … You get the message. Anyway for some reason my grandad used to get called Jack by my grandma. This seemed odd to us as children, but hey adults never make sense.

Anyway I got weighed in yesterday and was upset to find I had reached 200 lbs which is a lot heavier than my 172 lb target. Now I could blame it on Christmas where I started to slip into bad habits, I fell off my excellent eating regime I had been on for 18 months.

I could blame it on the fact I was “on bench” for 12 weeks; basically sat at home out of work, although being paid, but waiting to get a new job … it’s complicated.

I could blame it on the state of the world.

I could start singing, “Don't blame it on the sunshine, don't blame it on the moonlight, don't blame it on the good times, …”

However my song for my return to the forum is going to be, “Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more. Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more.”

I am going to get back on the road and get back to my target weight. It is less than 19 weeks away, but to make me feel happier, getting back to a reasonable weight is only 8 weeks a way, i.e. the end of June … my summer holidays.

Keep going everyone else.

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I hope you make your goal. Hope you got a job sorted. I had an ex who worked for BT and I know they used to do that there.


Hi and welcome Back Johnny-One sorry to hear you have been on garden leave, hope you are back in work now

Love that song you quoted ;)

You can do this :)

Onwards and downwards


You have got the right attitude and you know you can do it so onwards and downwards Heres to a good start week ahead for you


It's a long and windey road, but we can be your bridge over any troubled water. I like this game!😃


Brilliant - can't get the song out of my head now so I will use it as motivation too.

I guess you could also sing "Keep right on to the end of the road" because as we all know this is a lifestyle change and that road is hopefully going on for a long, long time.


A neighbour across the road is called John, our next door neighbour is called John.Their neighbour is called John my husband's middle name is John, my Polish Step-dad is called John by everybody.

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