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So I am starting the 12 week NHS program again, and I am cooking homemade meals, but as Easter has just gone I have a lot of chocolate around again which I have been resisting until I started coughing, sneezing and feeling horrid. I'm not sure why I'm posting this, I think it's just to make sure I'm not alone in the fact that feeling unwell makes you turn to sweet treats lol.

I'm trying to keep track of my calories on my fitness pal so far I'm over the amount I should be today. I have found that when I go over I seem to think "oh well might as well have that cake then" or something like that, so there's my down side of calorie counting.

I am also doing an online course for a nutritional advisor, mainly because I'm really interested in nutrition but I think the main reason is if I get the qualification I might actually listen to my own advice lol.

Sorry about my little ramble.

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I agree when you feel ill it makes you want all sorts of comfort food. I would get the chocolate stuff out of the house or you might end up eating it! 🤞

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Hi MummyDebbie, congrats on your decision to start the program again. I'm in my forth week (I think, lost count a little) and enjoying it. To avoid going over my daily calorie budget I plan what I eat each day in advance. So there are no surprises. It takes a bit of effort in the first week but the benefits are amazing as I don't have to think about food all the time and it's nice to know what to look forward to in your next meal. Best of luck with you course, it sounds very interesting :-)

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You are not alone in feeling extra hungry when you're ill 😕 Be kind to yourself, eat nutritious foods until you're feeling better 😊

Good luck with your 'Re-Boot'

Best wishes


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