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Day two :)

Day two :)

Happy to report today went well , as well . I have got a little notebook to keep in my handbag( so it can be handy at all times) and am finding it quite helpful to write down everything I eat and drink.

Had a lovely day and feeling excited still about it all:) Had a bit of a shock when I went out for a coffee this afternoon - to find out my beloved latte ( which I consumed almost daily previously) has quite a high calorie score even a skinny decaf one ! Will probably still have it every now and than , but today I have decided to swap it for a kale and spinach juice which actually tasted alright (won't lie - was quite.... earthy and awfully green ) but not as bad as I previously imagined :)) Had that while my dear friend ( who is into running marathons and quite fit ) enjoyed three beautiful pancakes with chocolate sauce and cream just across the table - life is so unfair!! :))

I have weighed myself and took A picture of me at my current weight ( which the cruel BMI calculator decided to tag it as overweight much to my disappointment- I would have never called myself that but hey , have to take reality with a pinch of salt and do my best to change that ;) . My weigh day will be on Saturdays , I decided . I am a female , 31 years old and current weight is 61 .8 which might not sound like a lot , but it is when you are 5. 2 tall !!

That's it for today ! Going to bed now , have an 8 hour sleep so I can wake up one hour earlier tomorrow ( 6 am ) and do my T 25 workout as planned .

Best of luck everyone for the new week :)

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Hello again Anarusky 😊

I can sympathise being under-tall myself! Lol 😂

You don't have much to lose and I feel sure you will get there 😊

Being calorie aware can be an alarming wake up call can't it? I was horrified at the calories in flapjack! I thought it was healthy . . .

Have a good third day 😊

Best wishes



Well done Anarusky, you're doing well.

I also like the idea that you're sleeping earlier so that you can wake up earlier and do your exercises. It's common sense but I'm not sure everyone thinks like that.

Once you're a marathon runner then you'll be able to eat pancakes too ;)

Good luck!


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