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Could people share their go to snacking tips? I need safe nibbles in the evening. Or do I need to get my head around just not doing it? How did people find stopping snacking. I think about food a lot!


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12 Replies

  • Hi. It's a tricky one and people will have different answer. I find it is working for me to not snack. I try to only eat 3 times a day. I do sometimes have a piece of fruit if I am having tea late as I eat lunch early as I am a teacher. It does get easier after a bit. Lots of people on here do snack though and it works as long as they count them in their calories I think. Good luck to you!

  • I think it depends why you're snacking. If you're hungry then you could save calories for a healthy snack in the evening. If you're not actually hungry and snacking out of habit, boredom etc then it's probably a habit best broken by finding another activity which holds your attention. I save about 150 - 200 cals in case I need a snack as I can't sleep hungry but if I don't use them it's ok I'm bound to go over slightly another day and it evens out 😀

  • I agree, I certainly used to eat just for something to do rather than because I was hungry. I had got into a really bad habit of eating toast or giant crumpets at around 9pm - really unhealthy as I was only watching tv and didn't need them at all.

  • Me too, I think those carby foods help make you sleepy but they do nothing for your waistline!

  • Oooh EllaMidlands you have made my mouth water, I haven't thought of crumpets in ages 😂😂 I'm going back to the garden now before the temptation becomes to much 😱😱 xx

  • I know what you mean, I don't like it looking at pictures of food and struggle to watch food shows on tv

  • I know and sometimes it's so hard 😱 xx

  • Sorry Hangry in answer to your question, I keep 100-200 calories for an evening snack, I tend to go for fruit or veg sticks, rice cakes, a currant bun or if I'm feeling really naughty a 2 finger kitkat good luck xx

  • Hi Hangry

    I keep clusters of grapes and small banana's by the kitchen door for my sweet treats.. I also make up a jelly twice a week to allow a pudding feel!

    I also keep celery and prepared carrots in the fridge for crunchy snacks.

    Nuts and dry fruits are always in my drawer at work.. As that's a place I know I can fall down and crisps & chocolate are too easy to be tempted by.

    I also keep a healthy fruit & nut bar in my bag so if I have to skip eating until later.. I've always got an emergency something!

    Wishing you great success to your goal 🎉🎉🎉

  • I love your idea of having something healthy handy wherever you are xx

  • Yes keeping a healthy snack at hand always helps, I have cashew cookie Nakd bars everywhere, work locker, car, handbag, rucksack.

  • One snack I'm enjoying at the moment Hangry is half a can of Amys organic tomato soup. It does have sugar in but it's hot, tasty, comforting, staves off hunger pangs but doesn't lie heavy on my stomach before bed, and it's 103 calories for the half can.

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