Can someone help me to give me ideas of any websites Where i can find good Recipes/Meal plans for during my journey @weight loss ???

I am not a pure vegetarian but in the meat options I take only grilled chicken or kebabs !!!

my question is that do somebody know any good websites where I can find good meal plans including good ideas for breakfast+lunch+dinner+snacks ????

or if you ladies have some good ideas than do share with me please : ) Thanks !


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  • I suggest you Google low calorie meals and look in the Recipes/Meals/Snacks Topic, Aisha_Khan, or maybe you'd like to invest in some cookery books. The Hairy Bikers are a popular choice :)

  • Thank you very much for your advice : ) will definitely do it !

  • I forgot to say that there are some great recipes in the Healthy Eating Topic too :)

  • awww : ) thanks moreless

    will check it !

  • hi moreless : )

    what I wanted to ask you is that I would like to start my fitness programme from the beginning of next week as I'm not at home at the moment.will be it possible?

    but still would like to stay on your page to get all these informations which are available on this website' so will be that ok ???

  • Aisha, you can do just what you like. You're under no obligation to follow any set plans from here and you can come and go as you please. We find that it's the support that we're able to offer each other, that's the most important factor for success :)

  • Hi Aisha! I know it's slimming world, but these guys do some wonderful recipes and there's plenty vegetarian/lean meat... :D xx

  • Hi,

    Jamie Oliver all the way!!! I live off his food! He's on a mission to revolutionise the way we eat and is a huge inspiration! His website is full of great recipes and information about food... There's cheap and easy recipes that are super healthy with the amount of calories calculated on there 😊 Hope that helps.

  • Hey Beth

    good idea ! will try it...

    Can you plz tell me that where can I join any of his programmes? or what is the best way to get his recipes (which are in budget)?!

    Thanks for a good advice xx

  • If you go onto there are hundreds of recipes. And there shoukd be a link on there somewhere to join the food revolution.

    His book 'save with jamie' is fantastic! I use recipes from that every week 😊

  • Hi I am vegetarian though I eat fish so I have soya or quorn instead of meat- I am calorie counting (the NHS 12 week weight loss plan) and I have found my diet has not changed too much though I have noticed a reduction in my alcohol intake and strciter with myself with crisps though I have occassional blips! If you have an iPhone there is an easy meal app you can download available via NHS so it may have an android version as well. i have not used it because I have found I am eating fairly healthy anyway- just alcohol and crisps and the cpmbination of what I am eating through the day- such as 2 high calorific meals in a day. instead of mixing and matching so I eat what I would normally but make sure if I have a relatively high calorific meal at lunch time then I have low one in the evening. Some poeple on the site look into the ammount of portien, carbs, sugars & fats- I am not that in depth since most weeks I have lost weight. Though I did notice a week when I ate a lot of cheese despite being in the calorie allowance my body fat went up, but that was a blip so now I am aware of it I will take it into account on a general basis

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