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I Have Lost The Plot :)

I had a nap earlier today and had a really silly dream.

In my dream I was taken from my flat by some gangsters who hid me in a gingerbread house in a wood.

Due to my dietary requirements, I ate dry toast and some horrible biscuits.

When I related this all to Billy he asked what happened to him.

I said I had no idea as I was more bothered about not being able to eat the gingerbread house...lol

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Hi Nancy, hope all going according to your eating plan re protect kidneys as you stated, and that you find that it works and feel better.Dreams are funny 'things'I found, for instance when you tried to remember a dream, or have a recall during the day, a trigger, I hope you have good 'triggers' :)


Hi there...just got up to these replies and so far the new eating plan is working well. I blame my partner for the dream as recently he has been watching lots of documentaries and drama-docs about gangsters.


We all dream and some are slightly bizarre to say the least, are you hankering after certain foods ? Personally I wouldn't worry I know I've completely lost the plot 😂😂😝😜 xx


I didn't even realise there was a plot to begin with ......😂😂😂😂


lol, our dreams are crazy, but kind of fun!


I have dreams where I am sitting around a very large table with lots of people from he forum, all with our notebooks exchanging ideas, they feel very real at the time!

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Hehe, that was funny, the gingerbread house would have been sickly anyway!!! Now the gangsters were they attractive LOL, might have been more exciting then :)


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