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Hi there

Sorry I did not write yesterday ended up with flu. No connection this is my third sickness since I joined. haha. I did go for a walk mid-afternoon due to the beautiful Spring brisk sunny day and I could walk my 30 minute walk instead of the 20 minutes I have been doing . My weather is coming on. Still in April it can still waver back and forth. But in May I start wearing my sandals and Shorts. I am going to take a day of rest and get back on track. My stomach is still feeling squamish. I am not going all crazy like example eating sugar or anything. I got 2 books from the library and sit in my comfy chair and read to my hearts content Check in Monday or Tuesday the latest.

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Hi Wadestreet

Sorry to hear you have the flu, take care of yourself and hope you start to feel better soon. Well done with going for a longer walk and not giving in to any sweet food. Enjoy your books in your comfy chair.

Have a good weekend.



Hi I had to log on to tell my weight. But I guess I am missed it because I do not the events tag to get onto it. Thank-you for your message. On a Saturday night and reading it was perfect and again today. Sometimes we let go of the simple things to and we should embrace them. So I am continuing to read.

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Are you eating the right amount of natural fat to boost your immunity Wadestreet?


I am going to ask a stupid question what do you mean by natural fats. And when you tell and then I will say I knew that


Fats that came from something that was living healthily recently and have been minimally processed; coconut, avocado, meat fats (such as lard, dripping, crackling), full-fat dairy, duck/goose fat, olive (oil), nuts, oily fish, eggs...

Not a stupid question at all in my opinion, though it might be a symptom of how far culturally we are removed from knowing what truly healthy eating is.


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