I just want to lose weight and be heathy. I have always struggled with my weight since the age of 9 since my grandad had a stroke and I blamed it on myself . I have tried to do so many weight loss programmes and now I want to do this on my own and I feel motivated to do something this time. I'm sick of looking back in the mirror and thinking this is me and I look and feel disgusting.

This time I will make it work

Wish me luck


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  • Hi welcome. Firstly you don't look disgusting - you look normal! Everyone here is friendly and can help you. Losing weight is hard but we can do it together! You could join the Saturday weighin page

    🤞to you

  • Thank you for the advice and just followed the page

  • I replied to your original post, Kristen, before you deleted your account and started again.

  • Yeah it was just not letting me on the app so yeah and I read it thank you I have already got the 12 week plan and making a start thanks again

  • Be aware that the new app doesn't give you access to half of the forum, ie, Pinned Posts, Events, or Topics. To get the full benefit of the forum, we suggest that you use the full website page :)

  • Oh right okay :) will do

  • I was close to my grandad who died when I was 13 and it was a few years before I realised that death is a part of life and we have to go on doing the best we can in our own life.

    I wish you so much luck in your weight loss journey. Just keep moving forward in baby steps and you'll get to your goal.

  • I hope so and I am sorry you lost someone so dear to you I know how it feels to lose someone who is a big part of your life . To be honest, my Granada is like my dad as my real one was never around and so he did all the things a dad would do and when he had the stroke I was only 2 minutes away from home at my school waiting for him to pick me up like he always did. And suddenly I was in my home running upstairs and grabbing all the stuff I knew the hospital people would need and off I went. And then it was like I didn't know who he was anymore he had change from being a fit healthy man to a shell of man. I love my Grandad and I am glad he is still alive and still see him everyday and talk to him everyday.

    Hopefully you and me can change for the better

    🤞to the both of us

  • Hi Kristin

    Many people struggle when they try to loose weight, thats normal.

    Get in touch with your inner desires and ask yourself why you want to loose weight in the first place - and how much. What person do you want to become etc... Questions that make you think. I would encourage you to set a goal and then strive to reach it.

    Im sure you will do great.

  • Thanks I have been thinking for a while and my goal is to be healthy in the long run in fitness and weight wise also so about 10st 7lbs for my height and as for why because I don't want to die young and I want to do things I have never done before that are restricted because of my weight

  • That sounds really uplifting. Is your goals written on paper? I find myself being more committed to a goal if i write it on a 'goal-card'. You should read your goals multiple times as day. It's a good a habit to establish. Every time your read it, it seems more close to being accomplished.

  • No I haven't but I will do it sounds like a great idea

  • Yes. It's really helpful. I write it in the present tense like i already am what i want to be or have. It sounds kinda unrealistic in the beginning, but after some time it will start to be believeable.

  • Well done kristin-adams18 this is the right place to come for support.

    First of all it is time to stop blaming yourself, I doubt it was the right thing to do in any case.

    I would encourage you to eat food that is cooked from fresh ingredients and limit any processed food as much as possible. Treat this as an adventure of discovery and don't for a moment think you are on a diet. If this is to be sustainable, and it needs to be, it has to be a lifestyle change.

    Keep coming on the forum and good luck.

  • Thank you I mostly do eat fresh meals but it's the chocolate and snaking as well as college meals for convince and not moving enough 😊 but I found out I love to go the gym so going to enrol and start going when I can. I can't wait to discover new ways of eating though and meeting the community on here which has already given me so much support

  • Sounds like you have got a really positive mindset which will really help you. Maybe you could resort to healthy packed lunches for college.

    So good that you are looking forward to joining the gym, I am sure that will help.

    Good luck on your journey.

  • Hi firstly don't blame yourself but just look forward to the days you and your grandad can now still spend together they are truly precious ❤

    Others have given you good device so all that is left is for me to wish you good luck 👍 you are young and pretty and have so much to look forward to so grab the new healthy lifestyle with gusto you may even get your grandad to try so new healthy foods with you.

    Best wishes Bev😊👍

  • Firstly congrats ion posting your picture. I did this when I first started as well and I am not sure how you felt but I was scared when I hit the submit button! Very brave of you.

    I am sorry if I am repeating what others have been saying as I have not read all the great comments but simply put - planning is your friend and is the absolute essential in your weight loss toolbox.

    Without planning you end up at the chocolate counter with a bar in your hand and your tummy grumbling.

    Without planning you end up thinking "One won't hurt" or "I have been so good today, I'll just a have a few bites".

    Without planning your brains first response to stress or problems is to reach for old solutions like comfort eating.

    If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.


    I love the Myfitnesspal app. It lets you plug in your foods for the day (that you have planned and organised) so you can see what cals you have left for perhaps a sweet treat or that skinny cap for morning tea.

    It can also convert web recipes to calories and nutrients, scan barcodes, link to your fitness device AND it's free!

    Most important of all? Be kind to yourself.

    You have spent a long time blaming yourself and feeling bad about things that were not your fault.

    You are special and you are your best friend so BE a friend to yourself and cut yourself some slack.

    No more berating yourself for eating badly or thinking bad things when you look in the mirror.

    Spend 3 minutes every morning thinking about things you are grateful for. Find a quiet spot, close your eyes, slow your breathing and really focus on things you are grateful for. Whether it's finding this great support group, or loving your new haircut or the amazing friend who has been so supportive.

    Because when you are being grateful? you can't be angry or sad or annoyed. It's impossible to do both.

    Good luck and I completely agree with you.

    You CAN do this!

  • As I was reading your post it brought me to tears as you hit the nail right on the head. I can't wait to see the results of this and what I will achieve and I do see most of the time that what happened wasn't my fault and I need to get on with my life. I have a the app and used it all of yesterday also did 10,000 steps which knackered me but felt awesome to achieve 👍everyone here had inspired me to achieve my goals

    P.s I was very scared but I thought well if everyone sees this anyway on a day to day bases and nobody says anything bad why should people who are going through the same this as me say something and about me. Also it was a hurdled I knew I had to over come and I really don't like hurdles 😊

  • It's so simple isn't it but sometimes someone just saying the smallest thing can have a big impact. I know on bad days all it would take is for someone to ask how I was and mean it and I cou;d hardly keep it together.

    It only twigged to me sort of recently that I spend so much time being awful to myself, being negative and judgemental when its SO much better to just give yourself a break and cuddle yourself for awhile :)

    Sounds like you got a fitness tracker as well? I used to find my Fitbit so motivating and I refused to quit till I got to those 10,000 steps. Its not quite so much these days but I still have times when I'll go for a 10'er around the block to hit my 10,000 for the day.

    Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  • Me too

  • You sound like you have the motivation to succeeded. We are all their for you good luck

  • Thank you

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