Loss in lbs isn't everything

I have horrible fat arms and those hideous back rolls that protrude below and above my bra strap lol. So am thinking of a way to tone up is to get some small weights. I saw a thing on Facebook where it showed a before and after photo of a lady who seriously looked like she'd lost at the very least a couple of stone. But it stated underneath her weight difference in these two photos was only 3lbs! Reason was she did weight training (probably other exercise too) but where muscle weighs more than fat her weight had hardly changed. But she'd burnt off loads of fat and was toned. Didn't look like one of those orange body builders , so this is my out look, not gonna weigh myself just gonna judge by my clothes and how I look if the fats coming off. That's my comment for today! Lol x


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4 Replies

  • I've personally found that you can change shape a lot with exercise, while not losing very much weight - first time I had a three month gym membership a few years ago, in that time I only lost 2lbs, but lost maybe 4 inches around my waist?

    However, I'm always extremely sceptical when I see before and after photos. I've seen a lot of things that say often they use pregnant women for before and after shots, or swap them around after weight gain, and other such tricks like that. I don't know if they still do it (surely it's false advertising?) but whenever I see an advert with "Woman loses 12 stone in a week!!!!!!" or whatever, I usually take the photos with a pinch of salt. I don't know if this kind of scepticism is healthy, it might well be genuine! Using weights to tone up is a great way of going about things, so go for it and have fun :)

  • Yeah I don't think this particular story was saying she'd done it in a silly space of time. But yeah I agree I never believe those stories o one can loose that kind of weight that fast. Well I'll give it a go can't do any harm can it haha x

  • Good luck with it, I absolutely love weights, my favourite part of going to the gym! :)

  • I only lost 3lbs doing couch to 5k but it definitely changed my body shape and was the real gamechanger, got me motivated to start the NHS 12 week plan, and then I was in business. How about joining a circuit training group? It's a great route into doing weights, or also look at couch to 5k if you think you could stomach doing the initial 1 minute runs :)

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