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Still no weight loss <scream>

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It's Monday morning... I still haven't lost weight and I still haven't joined a day to weigh in because I'm just not losing weight. I know why. I'm bloomin eating and drinking too much, it's not rocket science Lynne, but it seems like rocket science to make my resolutions last beyond 3pm. I really want to say that this week will be different but I'm wondering whether it really will be as I've failed so many times, I feel so exhausted with it all and if someone could just take care of all of my food for the week and not let me anywhere near the kitchen that would be great actually. But that's highly unlikely to happen as I am a single parent that kinda has to feed her teenager. Any tips, encouragement, inspiration etc. would be most welcome xx

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Greendream123Restart January 2022

Morning, sorry to hear that you've found it difficult. It's helped me to join a weigh-in (I did this before I lost anything) and also be honest in the DD. Sometimes I've gone to eat something bad and then imagined how my DD would look and it's put me off. I cook for my 9 year old but he either has the same or an adapted version (or veg with something in the oven). Perhaps you could speak to your teenager and plan together? Good luck with the coming week.

Thank you, I must join a weigh in day, yes and need to find out where to post DDs... sounds like a good plan... I really need to change something as I'm just going to get the same things eh. Thank you xx

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morelessAdministrator in reply to ShadowsEmber

You can find links for both the weigh-in and DD in Events and Pinned Posts, ShadowsEmber.

Yep, I've found them, thank you :)

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You are almost certainly not eating and drinking too much. You may even be eating too little.

Unfortunately, human metabolism actually is rocket science, which is why nutritionists don't bother learning anything about it and waltz around telling us that we're eating too much. Fortunately, the practicalities of eating a healthy diet are straightforward and intuitive. You're probably just eating too much of the wrong things and too little of the right things; once you start doing it right, it'll feel right, and you'll be able to keep doing it without too much effort. What does an average day's meals look like?

A few things come to mind Lynne why do you want to lose weight ? do you really want to lose weight ?

you are doing it for you and your health and your happiness and it’s your responsibility to take control.

Don’t have food in the house which is going to interfere with that goal. Eat a protein and healthy vegetables for each meal. Snack on fruit if you need to snack. Personally I use the LCHF approach and so I don’t crave food anymore. When I’m hungry I drink water. I fast and allow myself to feel hungry.

If you want it enough it will happen.

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You defo will find a weigh in day helpful and supportive. Join us today on the Monday Mass Movers 🙏

The daily diary will help with focus too. How old is your teenager?

Right O let’s do this... Monday it is! My teenager is 13 & has had a bad day at school with bullying and a case of Covid in his year which is stressful... but I’m not going to emotionally eat this evening... Nope nope nope xx

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to ShadowsEmber

Ooo ShadowsE. I'm sorry to hear about your son's bad day.Why don't you do something different this evening. Like make a soup, take a photo and enter in the "Soup Off"

Or you could persuade him to take a walk with you. Anything beats eating for the wrong reasons.

I managed to make a healthy tea and it's major studying day for me, so it's had to be quick easy and healthy! I should be studying right now actually! But noticed lots of lovely words of encouragement... this really is a super place. xx

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to ShadowsEmber

Well done. Just organize a day at a time. Remember that there's the Daily Diary, too.

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LottieMWMaintainer in reply to ShadowsEmber

Get your post into MMM before 9pm so the admins can shut up shop. 😉

How awful for your son. I know my granddaughter went through similar problems. She’s just started 6th form college, so hopefully a new start. I like TabbyCats suggestions, would he be interested in a walk with you to release all the tensions?

Do you have a hobby you can do in the evenings? I can imagine that the evening can be difficult.


Right I have posted... Studying this evening so busy busy and a busy day tomorrow as well. I'm gonna have to think about my meal plans as well xx

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LottieMWMaintainer in reply to ShadowsEmber


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Hi ShadowsEmber

Well done on taking a major step in asking for help and support. As everyone says joining a weigh in day will help no end.

I have found taking time to plan what I am going to eat has really helped - particularly when you have to think about cooking for someone else as well. Plan snacks as well so you always have something to hand. Try and plan for 3 or 4 days in advance - either the same or different things for you and your son or slightly adapted for him - and then shop only to lists built around your plan.

Don’t buy things you know are not good for you - you can’t eat them if they are not in the cupboard!! I am an emotional eater and have found huge comfort in knowing that I have a nice meal to look forward to later. I have also found I am no longer anxious about feeling hungry-and look at it as a positive not that I am being deprived.

We have all found a lot is out of our control this year. I decided that the one thing I could take control of is what I eat and it has proved to be a brilliant decision. When everything is going crazy around me I have my weight loss project and its massive rewards to focus on!! Good luck - you can do it!!!


I need to read this reply every morning - thank you! So much to consider and work at, in a good way. xx

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IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to walkthisway

Lovely reply and some very helpful suggestions 😊

Have you thought about working out a weeks menu in advance so you know what you are having.

Keep logging your food. I use a portion control plate. Plan in treats for the weekend. Forgot the word diet it sounds so restricted. Think of it more as a new way of heating. Find a diet buddy and keep coming on here. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day.

You can do this!

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ShadowsEmber in reply to SMITHYC

Thank you, I do tend to plan meals in advance for the weekly shop but things go a bit pear shaped so day by day is going to be best for me I think. I have so much going on I don't think I could manage to plan every meal for a week at the moment in that much details but it's definitely something to consider. Thank you for your support xx

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IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to ShadowsEmber

I always cook double, (Or even triple) and either store in the fridge for the following day or freeze for later in the week. Larger packs of meat etc are cheaper too 😊

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Hopalong13 stone

For me, you have done the best thing possible, joining the Daily Diary. Watch yourself rack up the plans successfully, one meal at a time. I joined 2/19 and have had weight issues for over twenty years. This time it is different. Read your posts through a few times, to get an insight into what you are thinking and going to do for the day. Take the plunge with a weigh in. I am a Wednesday Wobbler. We are all cheering you on :) x

Thank you so much... I've signed up for monday weigh in, to prevent me from going bonkers at the weekend!! xx

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lucigret1 stone in reply to ShadowsEmber

That is a very good idea :)

i feel your pain. i have little resolve, i need to loose about 4 stone. its hard to look after everyone and not think you deserve a treat or 2. be kind to yourselfx

Thank you Spider... It is hard isn't it have a lot to lose... I think that's one of my major problems at the moment, that I'm so put off by how much there is and I've been fialing at it for sooooo long now. Hoping things are about to turn around though. xx Good luck to you xx

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lucigret1 stone in reply to ShadowsEmber

Don't look at the bigger picture ShadowsEmber, it can be very disheartening. Break your weight loss targets into small chunks. To start with maybe just look forward to loosing 5lbs, then another 2lbs to make it half a stone and then another small target, it is far more doable and less daunting.

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lucigret1 stone in reply to SpiderADriver

The secret here is to find non food treats to help you be kind to yourself, your body will thank you :) As hard as it is, you have to try to allow some time for you. Believe me, I really do know how hard it is, but even just taking a bit longer in the bath or the shower and treating yourself to some lovely smellies can make a difference, or buying yourself a nice nail varnish or a new book and an early night.

That's a fabulous idea... shift the focus from food to other things. I shall get thinking! I'm starting by getting myself in bed with a good book.

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lucigret1 stone in reply to ShadowsEmber

You're getting the right idea now :) Get yourself a note pad and pen and write a list of all the little treats you could have and then some bigger ones to have when you reach your targets each time.

Another incentive is also to notice the NSV's (Non scale victories) as the weight starts to move. Example, I can do up another notch on my belt, Today it was easier to bend over to do my shoes up, The button on my coat is not bulging anymore, I no longer have heartburn.

The lists are endless :)

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IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to SpiderADriver

Hello and welcome SpiderADriver

You raise a very interesting point about ‘treats’ . . . By definition these are things we have occasionally, but for me, they were becoming a regular occurrence, several times a day. 😩.

I’ve worked really hard to change my mindset and now a ‘treat’ doesn’t need to involve food. I plan my food to include all my favourite things so the meals are satisfying and tasty. This way I don’t feel the need to snack between meals.

As others have said, have a look at the Daily Diary, and also have a good long think about what changes you can make to your diet that will help you lose weight.

If you haven’t already then please read the Welcome Message in Pinned Posts here Please read it carefully so you can find all the information you need to find your way around the forum.

Best wishes

Indigo 😊

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lucigret1 stone

ShadowEmber and SpiderADriver why don't you both take a look at this link, it is really simple to follow, maybe you could encourage each other, you could both join the Daily Diary and share your menu's there.

Just remember, 'If you always do what you have always done, you will always have the same results'. Maybe it's time for a different approach for both of you. You could both start by getting rid of the temptations in your house, or change your cupboards around and put the tempting things in one that you never need to go in, if you really think it is necessary to have them in the house for others. Maybe the others would be happy to support you and not have them in the house!

I am sure you could both do this together, it's great to have a buddy on the journey :)

Hi Sebastian ... given that you have only just arrived on the platform, have no posts, no followers, don't follow anyone... I'm a *little* suspicious to say the least

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morelessAdministrator in reply to ShadowsEmber

You were quite right to be suspicious, ShadowsEmber, thank you for reporting.

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