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Day 3 - it was a good day

Day 3 | 30.03.2017 Thursday

I think I managed to keep it quite healthy. I know I need to change my lunches, only 1 portion of mushroom soup left. I am happy that I snacked less.


Total calories: 1,082

-- I think I may need to increase this number, I will see the total and average for whole week

(33% breakfast; 20% lunch; 28% dinner; 19% snacks)

(44% carbohydrates; 38% fat; 18% protein)

- breakfast: porridge oats with milled flaxseed, Greek natural yoghurt, blackberries & strawberries (from frozen); calcium & magnestium tabs, Jointcare Max tabs, earl grey with lemon and honey

- mid-morning snack: 1 pear

- lunch: homemade mushroom soup with coocked carrot, leek, parsley root

- dinner: 2 soft-boiled eggs with 1 sandwich (white bread with butter, homemade ham, and slices of cucumber)

- snacks: few almonds, brazil nuts and pecans


-no oops today :D

5 a day: 4

Activity: 1h50min (461kcal burnt according to MyFitnessPal)

- 35 min running (4.23km, avg pace: 7:54 min/km, avg speed: 7.60km/h, 242kcal burnt)

- 1h15min walking with my dog (4.83km, 219kcal burnt)

My goals for tomorrow:

-regarding food: more protein,

-regarding activity: strength training.

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Hi IgaT

Excellent work with planning your meals for the day. I will agree with you on the amount of calories, 1,082 calories for a day is too little, Have you used the BMI checker to work out your daily allowance, you can find it in the Welcome Newbie post at the top of the Pinned posts.

Have a good week.



Thank you for advice. Yes I checked it and my calorie allowance is much higher (approx. 1,600). Well, I think it was my body trying to bounce form yesterday's 1,800 kcal. Next week it should normalise a little more.

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Hello IgaT.

Is 1600 cals the bottom end of the NHS BMI range? If so, then 1800 would still be within the acceptable calorie intake range and you would still be on track to lose weight.

Good luck!


I used different tool:


As the NHS BMI calculator, yes showed me my BMI, but it didn't show me calorie allowance. Or I was doing something wrong over there.

According to TDEE my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is 1,186 calories per day. 1,631 per day is maintenance level for light exercises. I've just looked it up again, and with new exercise regime I may need to switch to 1,839 calories per day for moderate exercise (3-5x per week).


When you do the NHS one, it shows your BMI at the top and then in the middle of the box, in the orange strip, it provides you with the lower and upper limit of your calorie range.

Hope that helps.


Not really :( I don't have any orange strip.

Not sure, if the link will work as I want:


I tried in several different browsers :(


That's so weird, I don't know what to say as the link you provided took me straight back to the last page I'd been on. I don't know if IndigoBlue61 can shed some light :O

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No idea what happened there Tiggerr 😳


This won't really help IgaT but this has just been posted (sheer coincidence) but this is what you should be getting...



Hello IgaT The NHS BMI checker will only give you target calories if you bmi is over 25. As your BMI is 23, you won't get a target calorie range.

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Thank you IndigoBlue61, after seeing how it should look like, I just tried it for more kg and you're right. It is showing the calorie range only for BMI>25. It is not showing for anything <25, even if it's in underweight range.


Day 3 for me too - and good as well!! I didn't count my activity level but I did walk - briskly (I always walk too fast-according to OH) for over an hour, did some gardening and some housework!

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Oh, your reply to my old post made me realise how long time ago I started.

Unfortunately, I don't have a big success :( although over past 5 months I've lost around 1 kg (2 pounds).

Due to some symptoms, I am now concentrated on solving problem with my IBS (still in progress of diagnosis).


Oh dear, it came up at the top of my new posts today - and I didn't check the date you posted!! Sorry to hear you are having problems with IBS - I used to suffer when I was working but have found that being retired is a great help with much reduced stress levels! Stay positive!

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I'm on the beginning o my path with probable IBS. I am now on the phase of keeping very detailed food diary (for now no quantities, but all symptoms, bowel movement, exercises, stress levels, sleep quality & quantity, etc). It is very annoying, but I hope it will help find the culprit. And as soon as I know what triggers my symptoms, I will be more content and confident ;)

I am staying positive :)

Good luck with weight loss and enjoy the forum. I am still kind of around here ;)

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