Confusing Calories

Confusing Calories

I have read lots of posts about eating the correct calorie amount (more than you expect!) in order to lose weight more effectively. The image shows the nhs BMI calculator result for me but I have been aiming at 1000-1400 calories daily using my fitness pal so I would be gobsmacked to think the 1760 mark is what I should aim for! 😳 I am eating healthier and not feeling deprived (I'm a realist) and have been losing weight but can anyone reassure me that this is correct and works!?

As shocking as I find this image...I am sharing it as a kick and reminder to keep on rocking!


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  • Hello Josie101170

    The NHS BMI checker gives you a calorie range to lose 1-2 lbs a week. I see you have been losing more which is usual at the start of your journey, but for long term sustained fat loss I would eat a little more. 😊 You've probably read this, but in case you haven't, it's interesting reading

    Best wishes


  • Thank you Anna61 I hadn't read this post, but it is an eye opener. I will change my daily goals. Many thanks again.

  • the NHS 12 week plan which what I am on recommend 1400 daily calories for women- eating too little is not good for you since your body thinks its in starvation mode and keeps hold of the fat to store it for the lean times ahead! When you get to your target weight then gradually increase your daily allowance to what you are able to have based on BMI for maintenance. Hope that helps

  • Thank you. There is a way to go for my target weight but I love a bit of forward planning!

  • @Anna I am so impressed by this. This place is lucky to have someone like you who really digs in and looks at the whole picture and truly cares. :)

  • You should, surprisingly, eat quite a lot in order to loose weight. Otherwise your metabolism will slow down as your body will think that it is starvation time. The key is in what you eat.

    Try also this calculator:

    It shows you also more about macronutrients, not only calories.

  • However you lose weight, your metabolism will slow down as you lose. However there is evidence that a slower weight loss enables the body to adapt to this more easily. Keep in mind that our focus shouldn't simply be to simply LOSE WEIGHT, but to MAINTAIN A HEALTHY WEIGHT FOREVER . One reason that Maintenance often fails is because someone has eaten too little during weightloss. My advice would be to eat as much as you can to still lose 1 pound a week.

  • That has been my thinking, slow, steady and for ever! Thank you.

  • I admit that I myself did not always eat enough during weightloss. Yes, I did reach my goal (on approx 1300 cals), and yes I have since maintained it for two years BUT it does mean that I can now only eat about 1500 cals to maintain, because of a low BMR. Do avoid that if you can .

  • When I started 4 weeks ago I had exactly the same BMI as you 37.1 and weighed 17 st 2.5 lbs.

    I have been consuming 1800 calories a day, and have lost 11 lbs so far.

    I had a big loss in week 1 of 8 lbs - week 2 lost 2 lbs and week 3 lost 1 lb.

    I'm hoping that this continues on a steady line of 1-2 lbs a week.

    All the best with your journey 😀

  • It sounds rather counterintuitive, but even when attempting to lose weight, the body still requires more than you may think, largely due to current/starting weight.

    Although the initial recommendation appears rather high, it’s nothing more than a starting point, Josie.

    The good news is that as weight begins to reduce, the body will require fewer calories to satisfy both BMR (basal metabolic rate) and level of activity (TDEE). With each 7-10lb reduction, you ought to re-calculate your figures to ensure that your body isn’t receiving more energy than it requires, since doing so will help to reduce the risk of plateau.

    To demonstrate, use the BMI calculator to calculate requirements at a stone lighter than current weight and compare the difference between the two.

    Equally, you could also use the TDEE calculator link, kindly provided by IgaT, to calculate BMR and TDEE, seeking to introduce a daily calorie deficit of around 500Kcal from TDEE, provided it doesn’t exceed the difference between minimum and maximum calorie figures.

  • Heya hun keep on using you myfitnespal but try to use 12000 as your minimum. On your settings what have you set your activity level at? Xx

  • It is now increased to 1800 as it was 1400...and activity levels set as lightly active though this is only a recent change! I walk 30 minutes 5 days a week and have an INTENSE 30 minutes on The Beast (2-3 times a week), my crosstrainer which I am growing to love! Along with Happy Walks on Youtube and general kitchen dancing, my activity levels have increased as my calories decreased which I guess, is the point!!!

  • Keep doing what your doing as lady replied in her post the more muscle the more Cals you have to maintain goal xx

  • Hi Josie, Mfp usually gives lower calorie goals than the NHS BMI calculator depending on the weight loss rate you set it at, but even they are clear it's not recommended to go below 1200 or you risk not getting enough nutrients and losing muscle as well as fat which willl further lower your metabolic rate. And the 1200 is reccommended for short ladies with not much to loose. I've only recently understood that maintaining muscle is really important to keep metabolism from dropping as weight drops so when you get to your goal you can maintain on more calories. Currently trying to work out how to incorporate this into a busy week without going to a gym. Aquafit is a start as the water provides the resistance and I have a laugh with the others.

    I'd try going for the middle of what the BMI calculator says, give it a few weeks to see what results you get, and tweak if necessary 😀

  • Thank you! I live in, as my daughter so eloquently states, the backside of nowhere, so walking and my crosstrainer and exercise bike are my main activities. I could Aquafit in the sea....but the Atlantc is just TOO cold this side!!!! I will keep a log/track and keep tweaking the figures. I am certainly learning a lot more and giving this poor body must more attention...she deserves it!

  • Ps I don't log excersize till end of day so I'm not tempted to use x

  • Now that is a good idea!!! Thank you x

  • Your welcome beaut. Can't believe I'm talking to someone in America!! X

  • You're not babe...I'm in Scotland 😖 Sorry! Though I wish I was in America xxx

  • I realised ide got it wrong when I reread lol daughter states!!!! X

  • Apparently swimming in ice cold water burns more calories during and after a short session compared to normal swimming. As well as other health benifits xx

  • ARGHHHH!!!! No one needs to see that! Even the wildlife would disappear!!!

  • Pmsl. That's very funny. X

  • No the Atlantic does sound too cold!! But I bet you have some amazing scenery to walk in if you're a long way from civilisation!

  • My daughter lives in the city so we feel remote to her, though I don't feel too far away from civilisation! We do have some gorgeous walking spots....once I get over the embarrassment of the red face of exercise, I will be out more!!! For's just me and the dog! 😊

  • I love being just me and the dog, he's a huge greyhound but a real scaredy cat and is happiest walking when it's just me and him and no other dogs to frighten him !

  • How beautiful, you lucky thing xxx He sounds lovely

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