Wine Wednesday (not going to though)

Hi all, I thought I would write a quick post to remind me that NO I will not be partaking in wine Wednesday this week as when I weighed in on Monday I had stayed the same. Last night I went to the Everyman cinema (very posh) and watched Beauty and the beast it was a really great film and brought back lots of memories from the Disney version. My friend was knocking back the Pinot where as I has a slimline tonic with loads of ice and lemon and you know I didn't even want a glass of wine then, but wine Wednesday has become a habit that I have to break. Any ideas about taking my mind off wine would be greatly appreciated as my other half will be downing the cider. Have a great day everyone 😊


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7 Replies

  • Wine has so much sugar really high in calories but it does become a habit ... do what your doing have the tonic and ice in wine glass ... I've tried the low cal ones which are quite nice and also just added a small measure of wine into the tonic so you get the taste with it as many calories ... wine is my vice and I wouldn't want to exclude it from my diet forever ... how depressing lol 😂

  • Hello Kim58

    You are absolutely right that Wine Wednesday is a habit and like all habits it can be changed. It can take as little as three weeks to establish new habits. Remember your brain is your most powerful,ally, if you repeatedly tell yourself you don't need the wine or want the calories from the wine, it will become second nature to say No Thank You 😊

    You can do it!

  • Hi Kim

    Get your own back on Him. And have one with him. And say thanks for the support. Love.


  • Hi Kim

    Phil62 again. probably not the best idea but I'm a man. Keep strong.

    Good Luck.

  • How did it go? I find having lots of non-alc options helps. Line them up, a tomato juice, then a tonic water and lime, then an exotic herbal tea, always looking forward to the next low calorie drink rather than thinking about the wine you're not having. Also change your activity. If Wine Wednesday is normally spent watching a film then it may be harder to break the habit if you still watch a film, or spend it in a pub, etc. Try to do something that keeps your hands busy instead, create new habits and new routines :) Good luck :)

  • I also have a similar problem. I see my partner at the weekends and that's when I drink! Friday is our steak night so we start with a g&t then wine with the meal followed by brandy for me & whisky for him. Thats just friday but it continues throughout the weekend! We eat healthily but I know that I'm drinking too much alcohol. I don't drink when I'm not with him. I think I need an injection of self control because I know it's the wine contributing to my weight gain. I also don't get much exercise when we're together as he has a problem with his knees so can't walk at my pace and has been very reticent to any activity recently. I know this is affecting my health too as my motivation to move has decreased dramatically in the last couple of months. I feel so low because of it.

  • Just start by making small changes as and when you can. I often do my exercise early before my boyfriend wakes up (that's how I started with couch to 5k), or on evenings where he has band rehearsal or stays late at work. He's not especially inactive, I just need to take control over the time I set aside for exercise. Same with drinking, small changes, and having healthier swaps close to hand, eventually makes the difference. You can totally turn this around, just be patient with yourself while you adapt to the necessary changes :)

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