I'm late to log my Trimming on Tuesday!

Sorry to have missed yesterday's Tuesday Trimmers.

After a fabulous weekend celebrating our son's 18th birthday, with our daughter home and Mothers' Day too....I got onto the scales only to see a "OOOO" as cake and wine had been consumed!

I initially I thought it was in pain....O O O Oh get offff!!!! Then realised it's batteries had died...that proves how much use it is getting, I have never had to replace them before 🤣

So for my benefit and to have a physical log....I was 16:8 last Tuesday and 16:6 this Tuesday. I felt fab as there had been now change last week. (Just 2lbs to lose to get my 1 stone badge....oh my goodness!)

Hope everyone is well and as I love to hear and say....onwards and downwards xxx


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6 Replies

  • Hello Josie101170 and very well done on losing 2lbs 😊 I'm glad you enjoyed your sons 18th Birthday, that's a very special event,

    I'm afraid you are too late to join the stats for this week but next week just record total weight loss over two weeks. Thank you for letting us know 😊

    Have a good week

    Onwards an downwards 😊

  • That would be good if I can log the two weeks. Don't want to let my fellow Trimmers down x

  • Well you did well 2lbs off and cake too, hope you soon get that new badge it's not far away.

    Have a fab day even though it's raining here.😊👍

  • Thank you! I wasn't going to deprive myself but not be a slave to the sweet stuff either. It was very good though! Even if I do say so myself! I managed to walk the dog before the rain starts....the clouds are definitely forming! Take care x

  • Well done Josie101170 ! I too missed mondays weighin! Busy week!

    Keep it up xx glad you enjoyed a lovely day and lost!

  • That's a really good achievement with such a lovely birthday you have just celebrated. Well done you😄

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