Start at week 1 and go from there

So joining this website I decided to skip the 12 weeks and go straight into couch to 5 k. so as of Saturday morning I will be starting week 1 of 12. I am gonna take it 1 week at a time and refrain from skipping steps etc and trying to do everything in 1 go like last time. This is one of the reasons I took myself off the site for a bit to re-evaluate as I seem to have gone backovers and pushed to hard to fast. week 1 at the ready


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7 Replies

  • Good luck with your restart, runchellerun, I wish you every success :)

  • Hello again runchellerun89 😊 It doesn't do any harm to re assess and repeat the basics 😊 I've had countless 'NewStarts' but as I learn something every time it's always useful 😊

    Good luck

  • Well done on the re-evaluation. Its not like we've taken a degree course in this beforehand, so there will be plenty of learning, failing/succeeding and re-evaluating. That's certainly how my last 12 weeks have been and how I expect it to pan out in future weeks.

    Good luck runchellerun!

  • Welcome back to the fold, runmichellerun89.

    Combining the C25K and the 12 Week Programme should set you well on the way towards achieving what you wish to accomplish, since many members have succeeded by following both.

    Be sure to make use of the BMI calculator, so that you can gain an idea of how many calories your body requires, based upon measurements (age/weight/height) and level of activity.

    Having obtained minimum and maximum recommendations, seek to introduce a daily deficit from maximum recommendation, ensuring that the deficit introduced doesn't exceed the difference between the two figures.

    With each 7-10lb loss, re-assess your figures. Since the body weighs less, fewer calories will be required satisfy both amounts (on the assumption that activity level remains the same).

    All the best.

  • Its not easy. That's why so many people Fail. I have done it NHS way and Lost 3St.

    But after the 12 weeks and down to 10st 13 lb . now the real pressure on by not undoing all the good work. So diet and exercise and you will win.

    Good Luck.


  • Thanks guys I will probably get into the 12 week routine and once its over continue from week 1-12 again. until I am happy and at target weight. even if it takes me extra 12 weeks more i will do it.

  • Nice to see you back, I noticed that you were pushing yourself hard just before you disappeared. It is difficult when you feel really enthusiastic, not to give in and try to do everything at once. Good luck with your restart :)

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