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I've noticed that I get heartburn very late at night, even though I don't suffer during the day. Yesterday, having skipped lunch, I found that I didn't get heartburn. The key difference was the omission of one meal's worth of processed carbohydrates. Today I had a wrap for lunch. Although I don't have heartburn I can feel the effect of the carbs.

Hubby likes a low fat diet for weight loss. I did some checking and there does seem to be a link between carbs and heartburn, so I'm planning to do a low carb, reduced fat diet. I'll still eat plenty of vegetables, but I'll reduce the amount of bread products that I eat every day.

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I used to suffer from indigestion, heartburn and acid reflex, until I reduced my carbs and now I don't have any of them! Happy days! :)


Same here! I used to feel awful.i reduced the carbs as we need some sort of carbs for energy, I just switched a few things around. Sweet potato now and then and I went gluten free as much as I could .plenty of veg , fruit and fish. Green teas etc .

I actually felt really healthy and my tummy bulge went away completely! 😊


Try having some ginger tea to help settle the heartburn.

The type of carbs you eat is certainly important, avoiding the processed ones is a good idea. Don't go too low fat, as our bodies need some to be able to absorb many essential vitamins. Watch out that you aren't eating sugar in any of your low fat options.

This is a useful site on eating carbs.



That link led me to another link to low carb vegetables. A lot of them feature on my list of personal favourites. ☺Unfortunately there are few on that list that Hubby will eat. He'd be pleased to see bell peppers, tomatoes and onions, but that's about it.

So that's lunch sorted - a large portion of green beans, sprouts, broccoli... 😀


Hi, I started this weight loss thing in January, a major reason for me was getting heartburn at night, so bad I was having to sleep sitting up and taking medication for it.It was driving me mad!! the only times it's been that bad before was when I was pregnant! Definitely not pregnant now , but it made me realise that I was as heavy , if not more heavy, than I was during pregnancy !! It is so much better now I've lost a few lbs,

I do notice a link with carbs, particularly bread and heartburn at night, also with sugary stuff/chocolate. I try and avoid bread etc in the evenings and have lots of vegetables.

Basically healthy eating and losing weight cure it, but if it persists for you do go see your GP and get it checked out xx


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