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I have just realised something and I feel pretty bad about it. So confession time. I only come on here when I have a problem or need advice, and, quite selfishly, skip through the posts that i think might not be of benefit to me.

I want to apologise to everyone on here for this, i know we are all going through the same battles and i should lend my support to everyone.

So just wanted to let everyone know WELL DONE, YOU ARE DOING GREAT, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!😆

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How lovely, Ali :)

We can all get hooked up in our own lives, but this site teaches us that paying it forward, is mutually beneficial. Whatever we choose to put in, we get back threefold :)

Next time you log on, you'll be more aware of others and that awareness will be returned to you in buckets! :)

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I come here every day but, like you, I don't read every post. I don't concentrate on the ones that may help me, though. I read the ones where I might be able to help with my own experiences. I don't know how long you've been on this journey, but I'm sure you have something to offer others who are struggling too.

I look forward to seeing more posts from you.☺


You really don't need to apologize, it's not always easy to find time to answer all the posts (admiration to the admins) and sometimes our own concerns and worries seem to take over, life just gets in the way. xx

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Thank you 😆

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Lovely post hope4ali

Thank you


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