Quick and easy veg boost

Afternoon. Just thought I would share a super easy way to increase veg with meals. We have a little sandwich toaster and toasties are always an easy weekend lunch option, especially when it is colder. Rather than salad or crudités it's sometimes nice to have some veg and the sandwich toaster grills veg beautifully. No oil, no waiting ages to roast them and an easy way to use up any veg in the fridge. We have tried onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, peppers and courgette. I'm thinking of maybe trying sweet potato slices and going to have a think what else to try. A toastie and a tonne of grilled veg and you have a really quick, substantial meal.


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4 Replies

  • Fabulous TheJuggler sounds really good, will certainly give it a go.

    Thank you.

  • We don't have a sandwich toaster :( but the idea's a great one - for me grilled veg always taste sweeter and I do like the little burned bits.

  • The alternative (when our sandwich toaster was broken) was a frying pan - just put the sandwich in, foil on top and a brick on top of that! Brick toasties a firm favourite with the kids!! You can just dry fry the veg or put in a tiny bit of oil. Or under the grill but you can't squash them as much (which I agree, crispy bits are the best!).

  • Good tip ☺ never done that but I'll try it ☺

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